What Exactly is Microdosing with Cannabis?

Microdosing with cannabis is becoming increasingly popular. Both THC and CBD are being used by consumers who're choosing to try this method of medicating.

The term itself can be a little confusing. Let’s take a look at what microdosing is, how to microdose, and the best way to microdose for the effects you’re after.

Microdosing references consuming small amounts of cannabis whether it's THC, CBD, CBG, CBN or a combination of them all.

You might even call it micro-titrating since cannabis can be measured easier as a titrate rather than as a dosage. The reason for this is because cannabis can treat each person a little bit differently. What works for one person may not work for another.

For example, a cannabis strain that helps one person with anxiety may trigger an anxiety attack in another. This is due to the unique chemical composition of each individual and how cannabis affects that chemical composition. There are many instances where those who suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other medical conditions are finding the relief they haven't been able to find with other treatment options simply by microdosing with cannabis.

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Why Micro-Dose with Cannabis

For the millions of Americans suffering from conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or PTSD traditional prescription medications are not working. For the past several decades a plethora of prescription pills has been the remedy for people suffering from any of the above-mentioned conditions. Everything from antidepressants to nerve pills, painkillers and more end up being prescribed to these individuals.

This would be excellent, if it worked. The sad truth is the consequences of taking these prescription drugs is often times worse than the condition itself. Plant-based medicines have been a part of humanity since its start. It wasn't until the turn of the century that modern medicine started taking its place with synthetic options. People were given the impression that medicines were controlled this way and only recommended for them when necessary.

Some people are finding they can toss their prescription pills out and trade them in for microdosing with cannabis. Microdosing with cannabis is easy, convenient, and proven to be effective. For this reason, the trend of microdosing with cannabis is catching on and growing like a weed.

Microdosing with cannabis is simple and discreet which many consumers and patients alike prefer over other consumption methods. This is especially true when utilizing edibles.

Who can Benefit from Micro-dosing with Cannabis?

Anyone who suffers from any or a combination of different conditions can benefit from microdosing. In particular those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, and depression can benefit immensely from this method of cannabis consumption. It's not only medical patients, but recreational consumers can benefit from microdosing with cannabis too.

Everyone from young adults to senior citizens are finding benefits from microdosing with cannabis. Corporate executives, office professionals, construction workers, fast food workers, call center employees, and pretty much any and everyone else can stand to benefit from the medicinal attributes of cannabis by microdosing with it.

Anxiety affects millions of people. When left untreated it not only affects the individual but everyone around them. It can destroy a person's work and home life. Cannabis is proving to be an effective treatment for helping to control many types of anxiety disorders. If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety disorders of any kind you might want to consider microdosing with cannabis.

How to Micro-Dose Using Cannabis

Unlike taking a prescription pill which sometimes can hit you all at once or even worse not work for hours or at all, microdosing with cannabis is a repeatable process. To microdose accurately with cannabis, many people choose cannabis-infused edibles. This is because most edibles on the market today provide for a consistent way of measuring the amount of cannabinoids being consumed at once.

Recreational cannabis edibles typically come with 100 mg of THC. In general, portions are divided into ten pieces with each one containing 10 mg of THC. You can also buy low dose THC infused edibles containing 2, 4, or 6 mg of THC. This allows each consumer to customize the results they're looking for. You can of course microdose by only taking a few puffs off a joint or bowl at a time as well however this is not idea as you can not accurately measure the concentration of cannabinoids consumed.

Once you determine the proper amount of cannabis for you to consume when microdosing the next step is to figure out how many times in your day you need to microdose in order to feel right. Once again, each person may have a different experience. Some will require more cannabis and others will require less.

Once you've established the amount and how many times to consume each day it's all about sticking with it. Keeping a journal detailing your consumption and experiences can help you to find which methods and what particular strains work best for you. Beyond cannabis-infused edibles, there are also tinctures and cannabis capsules that can help to give you control amounts of THC CBD or full spectrum cannabinoids for your microdosing experience.

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When and Where to Micro-dose with Cannabis

Microdosing with cannabis is easier than you might think. Almost any time and any place is the right time to microdose with cannabis. Since the amounts of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are so minuscule, you're not likely to get a buzz or feel high. Microdosing with edibles or capsules is also very discreet meaning it is likely no one will ever know that you consumed any form of cannabis. If you have extra anxiety before meetings, social functions, or right before work then microdose 45 minutes to an hour prior to and right before they start. This will allow for the effects to take place right when you need them! Sometimes it's even effective to microdose during high-stress situations where anxiety or risk of a PTSD attack are much greater.

We hope that this article helps you to better understand exactly what microdosing is and how to microdose with cannabis edibles. Here at Viride we love to share information with others, however, we are not medical professionals and highly advise that you always consult with a medical professional before utilizing any new treatments including cannabis.