Microdosing With Cannabis for Sleep

Microdosing with cannabis is becoming a popular way for people to get that much-needed sleep they're after. With cannabis legalization receiving more support in America than ever before, advancements surrounding this widely misunderstood plant continue. Instead of taking large dosages or titrates of cannabis, small ones are growing in popularity.

Microdosing With Cannabis for Sleep

Utilizing cannabis in microdoses is helping people to control their anxiety, find the appetite they had lost, and it's helping people find sleep they've been missing. Just imagine a life where you could eat right, didn't feel nervous or on edge, and could get a good night’s sleep every night! Fixing just these three things alone would help most people in ways that are immeasurable.

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Cannabis and Sleep

Most strains of cannabis contain both THC and CBD. Finding strains of cannabis or products that are high in THC and low in CBD typically will help produce better results when looking for sleep. CBD is known to increase alertness which makes it great for daytime consumption especially for those who have trouble sleeping at night. Sciencedirect.com published a study in 2006 on "cannabidiol, a constituent of Cannabis sativa, modulates sleep in rats" that study the particular effects of THC and CBD and their correlation to sleep.

With the ever-evolving world of cannabinoid science, we're learning that older cannabis or aged cannabis can help produce better sleep results thanks to a cannabinoid known as cannabinol or CBN. According to Steep Hill labs and others, cannabinol has five times the sedation properties of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

A lot of cannabis strains available in dispensaries today have a high turnover rate and do not sit on the shelves long. This means that most often they will not contain a high CBN percentage. You can create a higher CBN percentage with your weed at home though by simply by storing it and leaving it alone. The longer it sits, the more CBN it will produce. CBN is created when THC begins to break down. In states with legal marijuana markets, you can often find tests that will show the percentage of CBN and other cannabinoids in a strain, concentrate, or edible.

Cannabis and Microdosing

Microdosing with cannabis is an in trend. This method of cannabis consumption is precisely what it sounds like. You consume small titrates or low approximate dosages of cannabis instead of taking in as much as you can. Most often microdosing is done utilizing cannabis-infused edibles.

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Cannabis infused edibles come in different milligrams. The average recreational cannabis-infused edible is 100mg containing ten individual servings. Each serving will contain 10 mg of THC. This allows consumers to measure the approximate titrate of THC they're consuming. While edibles are becoming increasingly popular many folks will tell you nothing compares to blazing a good joint or bowl of Indica cannabis before hitting the hay.

Cannabis and microdosing go together like flowers and springtime. For the millions of new consumers who don't have a high tolerance to this potent plant, microdosing is more than sufficient; it's working. It's helping people to control anxiety, depression, and pain just to name a few ailments. Microdosing is something that should be done on a consistent basis and a process that should be easy to repeat.

Microdosing With Cannabis to Help You Sleep

Before beginning a regimen involving microdosing with cannabis to help you sleep, you must understand that what worked for one person may not work for you. Cannabis has the potential to treat each individual a little bit differently. With that in mind try several different options to see what works best for you.

Many consumers and patients find that Indica cannabis strains are the best for helping them relax and have a peaceful night’s rest. Each strain however will affect people differently so don’t take this as a set in stone science. It may be best to try a few different Indica and Hybrid strains to see which work the best for your specific needs.

Many times, when someone is having problems sleeping at night, there's an underlying problem. Identifying this issue will ultimately help you get the sleep you need. Day-to-day life produces all kinds of stress that can rob you of those precious hours of sleep. Cannabis can help you get the rest you're looking for but isn't the cure all for your lack of sleep. Ultimately eating a healthy diet combined with exercise and social interaction produces a healthy chemical balance to promote the building blocks of a good night’s rest. Below you can find some products that are specifically designed to hemp insomniacs.

Cannabis Products Formulated for Sleep

Aside from microdosing with cannabis, there are a plethora of cannabis products on the market today that are specially formulated to help promote a solid night’s rest. Here are a few!

Mary’s Medicinal THC Infused Transdermal Patch – Mary’s Medicinal THC infused transdermal patch is backed by the quality that consumers and patients have come to love from Mary’s Medicinals. These patches can not only help to induce a good night’s sleep but are also known for providing significant relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Insomnia Plus CBD by Sensi Chew - These chocolate delights are specially formulated chews that contain 15mg of CBD and 4mg of melatonin per dose in addition to a wide spectrum of cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, CBN, and THCV. This combination provides an incredible night's sleep according to many patients.

Serenity Tincture by Liberty Cannabis - This tincture is a specially formulated product offered by Liberty Cannabis in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. When you are looking for a good night's sleep it is said that just a few drops of this tincture added to your favorite cup of tea will help you fall fast asleep.

Do you utilize cannabis to help you get a better night’s rest? Are there other products that you would recommend for consumers looking for a natural way to rest easier at night? If so, let us know in the comments below!