Curing a Hangover with THC

Hangovers! We’ve all been there. While having a few cocktails may have you feeling on top of the world one day the repercussions of them the next can be quite devastating.

Luckily more states in the US are allowing for the consumption of cannabis, and there are many ways in which THC a compound found in cannabis may help ease a hangover.

The Ailments of a Hangover

Some of the ailments that come along with a hangover include nausea, headaches, and general aches and pains. There are two things that play a big factor in causing a hangover. One is that alcohol actually dehydrates your body and the other is, the intoxicating effects aren’t just felt by you but also many of the systems throughout your body. Here are a few of the ways in which THC may help relieve these ailments.

Ways THC May Help Ease a Hangover

THC has been proven time and time again to relieve nausea caused by various conditions and hangovers are no exception. By consuming cannabis with a potent level of THC you will most likely find relief from the upset stomach that is probably still causing the room to spin. THC is also widely used for relieving pain of different levels and may help knock out that headache that is throbbing within your head reminding you why you once swore you would never do this again. 

The psychoactive effects of THC will also most likely lift your spirits and put you in a better state of mind to deal with the hangover and the toll it’s taking on your body. If you can relieve the headache, nausea, and general discomforts, rehydrating the body through food and beverages will be much easier. Once you are able to consume food and have rehydrated, the effects of the alcohol and the hangover should quickly dissipate.