The Succulent Combo of Sex and Cannabis

Sex and cannabis is a topic that comes up frequently these days. With cannabis legalization happening in more places than ever before it's easy to understand why this question seems to pop up so much. Smoking a joint, eating an edible, doing a dab, hitting a vape pen, or using a cannabis-infused body lotion or lubricant won't send you into a sex-craving frenzy as portrayed in reefer madness propaganda.

For many people, cannabis improves their sex life substantially.

What cannabis does for many people in the bedroom is it helps them to relax. Typically, women have a harder time achieving orgasms then men do. For women achieving a climax isn't about sexual stimulation only, it involves a mindset and feeling of being comfortable as well. Consuming cannabis can help you be more in the mood thanks to a wide array of stimulations going on throughout the bodies endocannabinoid system. From improved blood flow to reduced anxiety cannabis helps the body to relax and the mind to unwind.

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With a new study showing cannabis can enhance and increases sex relations with couples, it's gained significant media attention. From Forbes to CNN titles such as "Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Desire" and "New Studies Show That Marijuana Enhances and Increases Sex" are becoming common topics to dive into.

There's no one specific cannabis strain or method of consumption that is the gateway to incredible sex. You might say it's different strokes for different folks.

Speaking of different strokes, there are many ways to incorporate cannabis into your intimate and sexual relations. One of the most common of course is consuming with one another beforehand. Another popular way to play with cannabis in bed, is to use cannabis-infused lubricants for added pleasure. No matter how you prefer to get lit before you get down, cannabis can help! 

If you're curious to learn more about sex and cannabis, a simple Google search will open up doors to a whole world of sex and cannabis.