Sensational Sublingual

Cannabis can be enjoyed and utilized in many manners. One method, however, still eludes the minds of many when brought up in conversation. That is the topic of sublingual cannabis products. If you are asking yourself, what are sublingual cannabis products, you are not alone.

Sublingual cannabis products are consumed in a much different manner than traditional methods such as smoking or vaping. Products that are intended to be used sublingually are placed under the tongue, typically through the use of a dropper.

The most common sublingual cannabis product on the market today are cannabis oils and cannabis-infused tinctures.

Why Sublingual Cannabis Products?

OLO Sublingual

These types of products have gained much popularity throughout the medical cannabis patient community in recent years, and for a hempsational reason. The sublingual delivery method of cannabis is believed to offer the highest bioavailability and is the quickest delivery method. In recent years, product manufacturers have been rushing to market with products that provide a higher consistency, a cleaner environmental footprint, greater efficacy, and increased potency. Sublingual products such as tinctures and cannabis oils have been a primary focus.

Let's look at why sublingual cannabis products very well may be the best choice when it comes to medicating with cannabis, be it through full spectrum or CBD potent products.

Greater Bioavailability - That Sounds Great, But What Does it Mean?

In short, bioavailability boils down to how well a product is absorbed and accepted by the body and the endocannabinoid system. ScienceDirect defines Bioavailability or biological availability as a term that is "used to describe the proportion of a nutrient in food that is utilized for normal body functions.” So for example, if you consume a cannabis sublingual tincture that is 100mg, and your body absorbs 90mg of the cannabinoid content, the product has a 90% bioavailability.

So, What Makes Sublingual Delivery More Bioavailable and Why Are Sublingual Products Better for Medicinal Use?

Unlike cannabis-infused edibles or cannabis oral oils in which you are meant to simply add to a drink or food and ingest, sublingual products are absorbed into the body through the mass amount of surface-level blood vessels under the tongue. This not only improves its bioavailability, but it also means it takes effect much quicker.

Have you utilized sublingual cannabis products? If so, let us know about your experiences in the comments below.