4 Healthy Facts About Infused Edible Oils

When infusing cannabis and other botanicals into oil using the MagicalButter MB2e machine, you’re harnessing nature’s powerful healing properties while saving time and money.

The MB2e is the world’s first self-contained countertop appliance for converting cannabis into edible form, empowering people to develop food and recipes with the therapeutic properties of cannabis, along with other healing botanicals.

While traditional butter is a tried and true medium for cannabis cuisine, plenty of other cooking oils pair perfectly with pot. Check out these four healthy, helpful facts about using infused edible oils and get cooking with cannabis!

Herbs are therapeutic.

Herbs elevate the flavor of your food and provide an excellent source of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Cannabis is proven to improve eyesight, protect the brain, prevent cancer and heart disease, keep bones strong, aid in digestion, fight degenerative diseases, inhibit stress-related health issues, reduce inflammation, and much more. However, cannabis isn’t the only plant with healing benefits. For example, aloe vera contains cellular regeneration and antibacterial properties. Parsley and cilantro remove heavy metals from the body. Celery can help prevent liver disease. Basil is used to treat kidney infections and maca can improve fertility. The plant kingdom is home to many remedies for everyday maladies!

Cannabis compounds are fat soluble.

The beneficial compounds in cannabis, like its potent primary cannabinoids THC and CBD, along with minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBG and CBN, are all fat soluble. This means these cannabinoids infuse and absorb readily into fats, rather than water. As with traditional dairy butter, combining cannabis with healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and other vegetable oils, will help cannabinoids travel your digestive system and assimilate throughout the body, bringing along their therapeutic benefits. In fact, it’s both anecdotal and truly scientific that oil infused cannabis recipes using the MB2e draw out a range of beneficial plant compounds, making oil infusions some of the most potent around.

Not all fats are created equal.

For your body to absorb food’s healthy fat-soluble nutrients (like vitamin E, beta-carotene and lutein), you must pair them with fat. But, some fats facilitate this process better than others. Studies have shown that coconut oil is great at enhancing absorption because it contains a high quantity of healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are digested easily, converted into energy (rather than stored as fat), and can help stimulate metabolism, enabling weight loss. In addition, coconut oil contains compounds that strengthen immunity. And, what’s even more compelling, is that coconut oil has enough stability to resist damage from higher cooking temperatures. When making your selection, choose an unrefined, unbleached raw coconut oil that doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients. While coconut’s a great choice for higher temps, you can also use grapeseed, almond, sunflower, walnut, sesame, macadamia, and apricot oils, in addition to more traditional oils like olive and vegetable oil to create a variety of versatile infusions.

Infused oils can be used topically.

While your homemade all-natural infused oils make for effective medicinals and tasty treats, applying them topically can prove beneficial in many ways. Cannabis topicals can soothe muscles and ease bruising, soreness and pain. The addition of therapeutic herbs like lavender, chamomile or lemongrass can add synergistic properties to your cannabis infusions. In turn, these can be used as bath oil, or to prepare lotions and salves. Both lavender and chamomile have relaxing benefits when consumed, and soothing anti inflammatory and antifungal properties when used topically. Astringent herbs like lemongrass pair well with coconut, curries, or soup, and has been used topically for centuries to help with achy joints.

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