CBD May Help Your Skin Stay Young and Radiant

CBD is becoming the buzz online when talk of beautiful, radiant skin begins. People are saying all kinds of things about cannabis these days.

It seems that if you have a problem cannabis in one form or another is the solution to your problem.

Where is this coming from and is there any truth to it?

I mean how can cannabis help make my skin beautiful and radiant? Do I have to rub myself in weed to have great looking healthy skin?

Have you found yourself having these convos with yourself or others? Don't worry; you're not alone.

It's true CBD can help you to have beautiful, radiant skin. Here's why and how it works. CBD contains both anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties that benefit your skin. Every mammal on the planet has an endocannabinoid system with CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

When these receptors receive cannabinoids such as CBD, they help promote healthy function. The reduction of inflammation and the anti-acne properties found in CBD result in smoother skin. You don't have to rub yourself in pot plants either. 

There are all types of lotions, salves, and creams rich in CBD available on the market. Directly apply the topical of your choice to your body, and you just gave your skin a friend. A friend named CBD to help keep it looking radiant and healthy.

CBD isn't just for keeping your skin radiant and healthy it also is for keeping you comfortable in your skin. You have to wear it while you're here so why not wear it while feeling good? Runway models that stand for hours walking in high heels love what CBD does for their feet. 

Fashion stylist Karla Welch uses Lord Jones CBD lotion for the feet of all her fashion athletes. Her girls couldn't imagine a night in high heels without this lotion.