How Micro-Dosing with Cannabis May Help Anxiety

The topic of micro-dosing with cannabis to help treat anxiety is one coming up often in conversation. Cannabis is known to trigger panic attacks or anxiety attacks in some people. Typically, it comes from sativa strains. 

As we learn more about weed, we begin to see that factors such as terpene profiles and methods of growing can also play a role in triggering these attacks. So how could micro-dosing with cannabis help them rather than provoke them is what people want to know.

Strains high in CBD and low in THC are said to be the best for anxiety.

Cannatonic, Shark Shock CBD, and Harlequin are a few strains you may want to try. All of these strains are high in CBD and low in THC. Micro-dosing can be done by taking a few hits from a bowl or vape pen as needed or by consuming edibles. 

Edibles are becoming a popular choice. Perhaps it's because of the convenience. A box of medicated truffles, a medicated candy bar or even medicated hard candies can be taken discreetly at work. This is a place where many people need the help of something extra.

Rather than treating their anxiety using Xanax, Valium, Prozac, Trazodone, or one of many other pills which have substantial side effects, people are opting for something different. A medicated quick dose of candy is just the thing to take the edge off. They can munch a sweet treat and get back to work. 

After all, the point of treating anxiety is so you can get on with your life, not walk around in a medicated pharmaceutical daze. When work isn't your concern, a cannabis vape pen will be your friend. Unlike edibles that can take 45 mins to two hours to kick in (meaning you have to maintain your micro-dosing throughout the day) a puff off a vape pen will take effect in a matter of a few seconds to minutes.

Who knows, micro-dosing with cannabis may be just what you need to help control your anxiety.