Skin & Self-Care: CBD

For those of us who don’t live in legal cannabis states, access to luxury cannabis-infused products is limited.


However, not all hope is lost. The ‘active ingredients’ in cannabis are the cannabinoids.

There are two cannabinoids that are consistently found in high concentrations in cannabis. These are THC and CBD. THC causes the intoxicating cerebral high, however CBD does not. CBD is responsible for the many medicinal properties of cannabis. And lucky for us it is also found in hemp!

While cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the country, hemp is legal nationwide. With this caveat, consumers can have access to ‘cannabis products’ with a high CBD concentration, as long as that CBD is sourced from hemp. So if you live in a prohibition state but still want to get down with some luxury cannabis skin-care products, you can! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite CBD-rich skin-care products for all your self-care needs.

Topical Relief Oil from Empower Bodycare

If your self-care routine involves taking care of sore muscles, aches and pains, Empower Bodycare has got your covered. Empower, a company based in Oregon, is committed to providing products formulated with the highest quality ingredients to help people heal. And that’s just what their Topical Relief Oil does. Formulated with jojoba oil as the base, the relief oil goes on smooth and quickly absorbs into the skin. This oil is infused with a large concentration of CBD and the inactive form of THC, THCA. This combination of cannabinoids helps to relieve pain and inflammation. It is designed to provide relief from all types of pain, hence their tagline, ‘Put it where it hurts’. Since this formulation has THCA it is not available nationwide. However, do not fret! Empower has a full line of hemp-derived CBD oils that will soon be accessible no matter where you live.

The LUXE line from Cannasmack

If you’ve got acne prone, dry or irritated skin Cannasmack may be able to help! Thanks to their LUXE line you can ditch the expensive chemical peels and pharmaceutical grade acne medication for something more natural. Cannasmack has a full line of hemp products designed to nourish and cleanse the skin. One of my favorites is their Hydrating Cleansing Oil. It is made with hemp seed oil and specifically designed to remove impurities without drying out the skin. Additional botanical ingredients like ylang ylang and orange oil help to fight off acne and infection while argan oil and rose oil help to increase hydration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. While the Cannasmack line doesn’t have measurable concentrations of CBD, it does include hemp seed oil in most products. And hemp seed oil has a plethora of benefits especially in regards to skincare. Available nationwide.

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Cannabis & Mannuka honey. Name a more iconic duo. Cannabis and Mannuka honey have incredible healing power on their own, put them together and you get an explosion of skin-care goodness. Cannuka is the company responsible for combining these powerful ingredients in a product line that will leave your body feeling divine. I almost couldn’t choose just one product to feature but then I came across their Calming Eye Balm and oh my god I fell in love. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes. In fourth grade, my teacher called my parent concerned that I wasn’t getting enough sleep due to my under eye bags. I was getting plenty of sleep, I was just born with bags, baby. I’ve tried many eye creams and concoctions over the years but nothing has ever worked like Cannuka’s Calming Eye Balm. The balm includes CBD, Mannuka honey, orange peel, vitamin E, and rose hips. It leaves your under eyes feeling fresh, fabulous, and completely perked up. Available nationwide.

Calming Creme from Apothecana

If you’re looking for a lotion to help relieve the stress of a long work day or an encounter with an asshole, Apothecanna may have just the thing. Their Calming Creme is specifically formulated to help you ‘find your zen’ as they say. With ingredients like lavender, frankincense, chamomile and of course cannabis, how could you go wrong? Take a bath and then lather yourself with this lotion, massaging as you go. The smell alone will make you forget any of the days woes and the relaxing body sensation will leave you feeling totally chill. Available online.

Lip Balm by Vertly

When it comes to luxury self-care, the lips can’t be left out. And luckily they don’t have to with the Hemp infused lip balm by Vertly. Vertly, a company in Northern California, is committed to providing ‘pure plant indulgence’. And that’s just what they do with their hand-crafted lip balm. Made with organic, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, rosemary leaf extract, and of course hemp-derived CBD, this lip balm will moisturize, heal and protect your lips. Plus, the rosemary will add a bit of tingly freshness to the experience. To top it all off Vertly’s packaging is so chic that you can pull out this lip balm anywhere and the biggest fashionistas will want to know where you got it. Available nationwide.