Skin & Self-Care: THC

In this crazy, hectic world of ours, self-care is important.

Self-care can take many forms. For many, cannabis consumption is a part of self-care.

Unwinding with a joint in hand or a piece of medicatead chocolate after a long day is the perfect way for some to slow down the racing mind. For others, taking a bath or treating the skin to a divine concoction of deliciously scented oils is the way to relax the body. But what if cannabis and skin-care combined to form some mega healing goodness, helping both the body and the mind calm down? Well some companies have!

And for you, our beloved readers, we have taken on the task of finding the best THC-infused cannabis skin-care products on the market.

Empower Bodycare 4PLAY

To start, we’re taking skin-care to the nether regions and talking about skin that’s erm rather sensitive. We’re talking about sex. Having hot, consensual sex is a great way to practice self-care. And you don’t need a partner to experience this kind of orgasmic pleasure, especially with Empower Bodycare’s 4PLAY on hand. A topical company based in Oregon, Empower wants to make sure that everyone and anyone can enjoy sex if that’s what they’re into. Hence the creation of the 4PLAY: a THC-infused, pH balanced, sensory enlivening topical pleasure oil designed to arouse and enhance sensation. Use it on yourself, use it with your partner, even use it to help alleviate pain and cramping. Get your hands on some 4PLAY and find some time to get down with your bad self. Only sold in Oregon dispensaries.  

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Physic Balm

If part of your self-care routine includes recovery from a particularly physically challenging job or sport, Physic Balm has got you covered. With one of the highest THC concentrations in the topical game, Physic boasts an unmatched potency with a formulation of the highest quality. Their vegan topical balms come in two scents, Cedarwood Orange and Lavender Bergamot. Pick the scent that jives with you and lather it on dry skin or work it into sore muscles. Only sold in Oregon dispensaries.

Peak Rescue Rub

Looking for a more medicinal salve to add to your self-care routine? Look no further than the Rescue Rub from Peak Extracts. Formulated by a licensed Chinese Herbalist, this salve contains not only THC, but also a litany of Chinese herbs that help to promote deep healing. Use this rub for all types of pain, inflammation and skin conditions. The hypoallergenic coconut, shea and jojoba oils will leave your skin feeling smooth unlike other medicinal salves that can get greasy. Plus, it’ll leave you smelling like an herb garden instead of a menthol patch. Only sold in Oregon dispensaries.

Love Bath Bomb by Kush Queen

If you’re someone who can’t resist a good bath bomb then the Love bath bomb from Kush Queen is for you. Drop that pink ball of love into the tub and watch it explode filling your bath with organic essential oils, THC, and CBD. Infused with Ylang Ylang, patchouli, and frankincense this bath bomb will leave you smelling like love and the equal concentration of THC:CBD will make you never want to get out of the tub. So grab a book, a candle, maybe an extra joint and settle in to a tub full of love. Sold in California dispensaries.


If you live in NYC you probably know a weed delivery guy. And that weed delivery guy usually has flower, sometimes oil pens, maaaaybe edibles. But if you’re looking for lifestyle self-care products like topicals - don’t count on weed guy to have a great supply. That’s why a badass lady based in NYC started making her own cannabis infused lip balm. It’s called GOODWITCH and it’s chock full of organic ingredients like coconut oil, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and of course cannabis. If you’re lucky enough to know a guy who knows a girl who knows GOODWITCH then pick some up and slather this stimulating concoction all over your lips. It’ll make you feel fresh, fun and of course a little lifted. Only available if you’re in the know in NYC.

Images courtesy of Goodwitch

Images courtesy of Goodwitch