Quench The Heat With This Cannabis Infused Pineapple Daiquiri

Sweet, tart, THC laden goodness!

On a steamy summer night, when you’re trying to get your dance on or chop it up with your friends, nothing refreshes and intoxicates like an icey, frothy, Pineapple Daiquiri, a classic cocktail believe it or not. Sure you can have them frozen, but that’s best left to the professionals, so you don’t have to do the massive clean up of frozen drink prep. When shaken on ice the old fashioned way, the extra bold flavors of rum and pineapple are best tasted in this classic combination.

With a dash of cannabis infused simple syrup, you are having the best party punch that exists. Its Caribbean forward flavors take you to another place, cool you down, and crank up the vibes.

Daiquiris are classic cocktails that date back to prohibition. It’s been served ever since, but its a distinctive drink that doesn’t get enough love past its artificial cousins. The real deal with fresh pineapple juice is unfathomably heady and is inimitable with other flavors.

Pineapple Limonene Daiquiri

Estimated 15mg THC per drink


1 ½ oz Fresh pineapple juice

¾ oz Fresh lemon juice

½ oz Cannabis infused simple syrup

2 oz Aged rum

Pineapple leaves and lemon peel for garnish


To make a cannabis infused simple syrup, simply bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil, then when cooled stir in 1 oz of glycerin based cannabis tincture per cup of syrup.

In a cocktail shaker, mix all ingredients with ice and shake extremely vigorously for at least 45 seconds to develop the thick foam. Strain into a rocks glass over ice or neat into a coupe glass.

To make cannabis leaf garnish, use pinking shears to give the palm-like fronds a serrated edge that looks like the special ingredient.

Arrange into a 7-leaf design and stick with a skewer, or simply imply the aesthetic of cannabis plants with a single leaf.

You can also be extra like me and roll a joint into the pineapple leaf, securing with a toothpick and some lemon peels for extra sensory effects.

No matter how you garnish, this is an impossibly satisfying cocktail that would be a great choice for a special event or celebration. Add all the wild garnish that your heart desires and you may just end up the next Pinterest star.

Daiquiris can be made alcohol free, just double the pineapple juice and you’ll still be transported. They are just such a fruity pleasure, like a dank preroll fresh out of the shop.

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Trying other juices and more or less cannabis would be totally fine, Hemingway was known for his double order with a whopping four ounces of rum, tons of grapefruit, maraschino liqueur and no sugar. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but try this one first, and happy shaking.