How Craft Beer and Craft Cannabis Are Similar

Craft cannabis and craft beer are very similar to one another. Some people are just becoming familiar with craft cannabis and how it's different from regularly cultivated cannabis crops. Craft beer caught on decades ago when no one thought it would. 

At the beginning of the 1990s, people started making homebrews. This was because they began learning about all of the additives beer companies were putting in beer. The headaches, nausea,  and other side effects from drinking alcohol didn't have to be. 

People found when they made their own beer they got a great quality product they could enjoy. The same goes for cannabis.

Instead of growing cannabis in large crops to make the most money possible craft cannabis growers produce small batches where each plant is allowed to flower to perfection. 

Just like people, plants are different from one another. To say all plants are ready to be harvested when only a few are isn't craft cannabis.

There has been a lot of speculation that cannabis legalization could harm the alcohol industry. 

This speculation is just that. The alcohol industry has survived and thrived with cannabis legal in California since 1996. That's roughly 22 years. Alcohol sales are still on the rise. The only change has been in the direction of the sales. 

Instead of it being cheap beer by the case the sales of alcohol have shifted towards fine spirits and craft beers. Craft cannabis dispensaries such as The Farm in Boulder Colorado are producing quality craft cannabis in the same manner that craft beer breweries such as New Glarus Brewing Co. in Wisconsin are producing quality craft beer, in small batches.

Maybe one day soon we can combine the two and have craft cannabis spirits. Alcohol prohibition lasted a little over a decade. It's taken more than eight decades for alcohol to evolve to where it is today. Cannabis prohibition still exist. 

Hopefully, it won't take eight decades for cannabis to evolve like alcohol. Consumer trends are starting to show that craft cannabis is in as high of a demand as that of craft beer. Check out the craft cannabis industry in Canada to see how big it is. This will be the U.S very soon per the opinion of many.