Drink THC Infused Aperol Spritzes For An Epic Summer

Supercharge your aperitivo!

The goodness of an icy cold, zesty fresh Aperol Spritz is more than a summer beverage for bourgie rooftop drinkers. It’s a traditional pre dinner spritzer that turns your after work munchies into an appetite for a late evening dinner. That has loads in common with people who grab a toke after work: it’s socialization, a moment to breathe, and time to share outside the house before going out to eat or home to cook.

Aperol Spritz itself is a ubiquitous part of this Italian version happy hour, aperitivo. Hard to find in the states but worth the hunt, it's not a true aperitivo if there aren't free or cheap snacks to graze upon while you drink. Frankly, it’s a high person’s dream come true, and all of the citrus happening will help you have a chill experience.

Create a souped up Aperol liqueur with orange peels and cannabis tincture, it changes everything. 

Cannabis Infused Aperol Spritz

Danielle Guercio, 2018

Estimated 10mg THC per drink, makes two drinks


3 Ounces Aperol liqueur

Peel of Half an Orange

Fresh Orange Peels for Garnish

¼ Ounce of Cannabis Tincture

1 Split of Chilled Prosecco

1 Can of Seltzer

Ice Cubes

*Optional: One Drop of True Terpenes Orange Cookies Blend


A few hours before you plan to serve, mix orange peels, cannabis tincture, and Aperol into a measuring cup, add one drop of True Terpenes Orange Cookies Profile and stir well. Lightly cover and refrigerate until serving time. When you’re ready to get down, strain out the peels first so no one gets a soggy one in their drink.

Using a wine glass or highball filled 2/3 of the way with ice, measure 1 ½ oz of Aperol into each glass. Top with Prosecco until it’s almost full, then give it a tiny splash of seltzer. 

Serve with two orange twists, joint optional.

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As a drink made to make you more hungry for dinner while you eat snacks and chit chat, a spritz is a great tactic to enjoy both of our favorite intoxicants in one drink. It may not be acceptable or allowed to puff a joint in the middle of happy hour, but this drink could one day serve that purpose, while probably also making you hungrier, just as the Italians intended.