Cannabis Strains and Alcoholic Spirits That Could Be the Same

While blazing on something amazing, after a night out with buds, the thought of how certain strains of cannabis compared to certain types of spirits popped into mind.

I started asking friends what they thought about this. It became a comparison each time we've gone out since.

After a little debate with my buds, we came up with our own conclusions of what strains would be what spirits in a different life. Here’s what we came up with. See how it compare to what you and your buds think.

OG Kush would be the whiskey of weed. Smooth and mellow but it creeps up on you. Just like whiskey, some OG Kush is cheap, and it shows. But, top shelf OG Kush is comparable to Top Shelf Whiskey like Johnny Walker or Makers Mark. Too much to quick and you might find yourself calling it an early night.

Durban Poison would be the vodka of the bunch for us. Just like vodka can have you dancing on top of the table or bar, Durban Poison can have you jogging the block or dancing non-stop. 

We decided the strain Flo, is more like the rum of the bunch. Just like rum is used as the base of so many popular cocktails and tropical concoctions that are pallet pleasing, Flo is a party in your mouth when flowered to perfection. 

Amnesia Haze came in as a win for the gin of the crew. A great strain with loads of medicinal potential Amnesia Haze keeps a lot of folks going through the day much like a gin and tonic or some gin and juice.

These are just a few of the strains we named that would represent their alcohol counterparts in a different world.

If cannabis strains were to be compared to alcohol which ones do you think would be what?