Try This Pop Art Inspired Coffee And Unlock Your Artistic Potential

Bananas as an object de art have reached well beyond their paradigm shift by Andy Warhol and entered the permanent reference echelon, up there with Darth Vader and probably the pot leaf itself in recognizability. Imagery that lends itself past its original purpose was the meme of old, and it evokes a very specific feeling, and for some others a specific time and place. 

Though we may not be dancing to a disco beat at 6am at The Factory or Studio 54, we’re breaking new ground in the world by breaking cannabis into it, and by treating it like just another substance to imbibe in.

Daytime, whether post party or just in the throes of a packed schedule, is one of the best times to roll in some CBD, and when paired with caffeine you just might make it through to your next big creative idea, or just to your comfortable couch, both hella valid. 

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Try this electrolyte rich and creamy treat gives you the best of both banana and coconut’s plentiful potassium, plus CBD and coffee’s trusty kick to put you on the rails and keep you there.

Andy Warhols' The Factory CBD Coffee

Danielle Guercio, 2018


½ oz banana purée or ¼ of a ripe banana 

2 oz cold brew coffee 

3 oz Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pressed Coconut

½ tsp honey (optional)

3 drops New Highs CBD 



To make your own banana purée, mash an extremely ripe banana with the juice of a lemon wedge and ¼ cup simple syrup. Store in the fridge and use within 3 days.

To make cold brew, dispense 1 lb of finely ground caribbean coffee into two pitchers. Top with cold water, stir and allow to steep overnight. Strain the following morning, store in the fridge, use within one week.

If you’re using a fresh banana, mash into the coconut water with a muddler until broken down. If you’re using purée, make sure it’s dissolved completely. 

Mix all of the ingredients into a mini smoothie by shaking in a lidded jar with ice with the optional honey. Pour over fresh ice in the serving glass, garnish with a banana slice. 

This is a deceptively hydrating, morning starting and equalizing beverage that you can reach for anytime you’d have coffee. It’s icy quality makes it a hit when the sun is beaming, and the added CBD can help you kick the whole world’s ass, one task at a time.