CBD Cucumber Rosé To Welcome The Warm Weather

Rosé is so drinkable that it can be easy to go overboard— CBD can help you keep it together.

Just like cannabis there is good and bad rosé, but unlike cannabis, and like all wines, the hangovers can be punishing, in no small part egged on by hot weather and perspiration. Stop both dehydration and overindulgence in their paths by using the goodness of CBD Living Water’s nanomolecules to help soothe the throbbing headache that too-liberal-pours can land you.

CBD water is fabulous. I literally cannot wait until its available everywhere. It feels like yesterday that I tried both my first pink wine and my first CBD product, but putting them together is in the future. Dropping a few slices of cucumber into some. rosé was an experiment that also is a great success. I don’t know why both of these little tweaks to a super popular beverage haven’t taken root, but they really should. Both add a refreshing twist that takes very little effort. 

Cucumber Infused Rosé with CBD Ice Cubes

Danielle Guercio, 2018

Estimated 10mg CBD per drink 


1 bottle CBD Living Water

1 small cucumber

1 bottle of Côtes de Provence or other dry rosé wine

The night before you plan to partake, fill up a fun ice cube tray with your CBD water, being sure to label it, not because CBD is harmful, but because everyone should know what they are putting in their body, and because you don’t want your mom, children, or roommates to snatch up your hard frozen helpers. 

Cut 2-3 slices of cucumber and drop into a large jar. Pour over the bottle of rosé and close, storing in the fridge for no longer than a day. Keep the rest of the cucumber for garnishing.

The next day, cut five extremely thin cucumber slices, then skin the rest of it in long strips. You can use what’s left in a salad or toss with sesame oil and rice vinegar for a quick pre-drinking snack. 

Pop out your ice cubes and dispense into five glasses. Roll each cucumber strip into a rosette and stab with a toothpick. Position the thin slice and rosette in between the ice cubes.

Pour the wine over each glass equally, you’ll end up with five perfectly palate cleansing but pleasingly dry, revitalizing sippers.

These aren’t as potent as a cocktail, and could even cure your social anxiety better than the wine by itself, so it’s very useful as a pre-game tool. Mood heightening and hydrating, this combo will hold you down all summer long if you let it. Use the ice cubes as a starting point to CBD-up your other favorite cocktails. CBD cubes and cucumber slices would kill it in a Bloody Mary, a caipirinha, or even a plain old whiskey ginger.