Portland’s Division Wines Offers a Loredan Gasparini Flight with Owner Lorenzo Palla

From 6 - 8pm on Thursday, May 3rd, Division Wines will be offering a Loredan Gasparini Flight with owner Lorenzo Palla.

Viride Division Wines

Division Wine’s owner Will Prouty says:

“This historic estate is located in the hills, approximately 50 km north of Venice and has been producing wine since the 1300s. It’s a region with a long history of producing, in addition to serious Prosecco, some of the great red wines of northern Italy. It’s a unique area, in that the grapes planted there are more commonly associated with the region of Bordeaux in France. On the estate of Venegazzù, the red wines are made from vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec. The white label blend is a beautiful example of balance, and finesse. The black label, "Capo di Stato," is a deep and serious wine, legendary in the area, and capable of aging for decades. Both will be included on Thursday along with a very special Prosecco, Cuvèe Indigene. Lorenzo is a charming and enthusiastic champion of the region. All of the ferments are native and Lorenzo is a very informative advocate to the benefits of this practice in their circumstance. A special flight of three of their wines will be available for $15 from 6 to 8pm. I hope that you can find the time to join us.”

About Division Wines

Division Wines is a neighborhood wine shop and wine bar with over 800 bottles from near and far with rotating small plates. The focus is on expressive wines, made with healthy and thoughtful practices from off the beaten path. As with the food offered, how the wines are made is always a consideration. Sustainability, conscious farming and the winemaking process are high priorities; happy, healthy vines come from happy, healthy soil, resulting in the fullest possibility of expression. Half of the Division Wines space is committed to retail shopping and the other half is a full service wine bar. On one side Division Wines shares the story, and on the other, they bring it to life.

Division Wines is located at 3564 SE Division St. Portland OR 97202

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