Enjoy a CBD-Infused Cocktail in NYC at Adriaen Block

CBD is all the craze these days, and it seems that it is taking over the world. Okay so it may not be literally taking over the world, but it is popping up in concentration in products of all sorts in states across the US and countries around the world.

In New York City where cannabis is decriminalized, and patients with specific qualifying conditions can obtain medical cannabis products excluding edibles or dried flower people are turning to CBD, it seems in any way they can get it.

The NYC CBD-Infused Beverage Craze

CBD beverages seem to be the trend of the time. From CBD coffee shops to non-alcoholic CBD beverage infusion options popping up on menus across the city it seems that you can find CBD products around every corner. One new business, however, is taking a different approach when it comes to their CBD offerings and has opened New York City's first ever CBD Cocktail Bar.

CBD- Bringing Together Entrepreneurs and Explorers of Today and Yesteryear

Adriaen Block located in Astoria, Queens, gained its namesake from a 17th-century explorer. The owner of Adriaen Block, George Csonka, shares many similarities with this European explorer that is the first known individual to travel through Hell's Gate and reach present-day Astoria. They are both foreigners, explorers, and entrepreneurs. Having an extensive background in the hospitality industry, Csonka saw an opportunity to jump into this budding market after experiencing first hand just how much CBD could help relieve the stress that NYC can cause.

CBD-Cocktails for Your Pleasure

He then set out to pursue the fruition of Adriaen Block and offer this newfound goodness with the masses. Some of the offerings at New York City's first and only CBD Cocktail Bar include the Stoney Negroni, Bakin' & Eggs, and a twist on a traditional favorite called the Rolled Fashioned!

If you are in the NYC area, be sure to stop by Adriaen Block for a CBD-infused cocktail and tell them that Viride sent you!