Wine: Weed's Pinch-Hitter

The process of fermenting fruit dates back as far as 4100 BC. Thousands of years ago, humans knew that a break from the monotony of daily life was necessary.

Although, for our ancestors, making and imbibing in wine was probably more archaic (perhaps they’d realized alcohol helped to warm their bodies).

Today, we drink wine to relax or socialize and it’s what many of us drink when we aren’t consuming cannabis.

Photo courtesy of  270M

Photo courtesy of 270M

There are numerous combinations of cannabis and wine that will tantalize the palate and there are connoisseurs dedicated specifically to this process. However, not everyone gets stoked by the notion of drinking and smoking simultaneously. In this article, let’s talk about the fabulous fermented fruits that delight and help us relax.

We all know wine can be expensive and that tastes vary from person to person. Today’s list will provide you with a great variety from pricey to cheap. Let’s keep in mind that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean taste and quality are affected. There are companies out there who provide us with quality wine at a decent price which could qualify them as superheroes.

Every year, Wine Spectator releases their top 100…a list of all the great wines produced. Their most recent publication is their picks for 2017 and while it isn’t incredibly detailed, they were kind enough to let the consumer know price, how long it’s good for and what flavor profiles to expect. Seriously though, do we need much more than that? Probably not.

The number one ranked wine in 2017 was Duckhorn. It’s not a name that is likely to make consumers climb over one another at the liquor stores. However, it is described as a powerful red. It’s a full-bodied and flavorful wine with red plum, boysenberry and cherries. 3, 170 cases were made in 2017 and it will be good through 2023. If you are lucky enough (and have it in your budget) to snag a bottle, it’ll set you back about one-hundred dollars. Because so few cases were made, this might be the kind of wine you go in on with a few of your girlfriends. Take it on a weekend trip to the hot springs or enjoy after a day spent at the spa. If after purchase you are in a sharing mood, it’s the kind of wine that is great for a social gathering. It’d be a crowd pleaser and guests would talk about the savory spirit for months.

A hundred bucks for wine is steep for a lot of us. On the other end of the price spectrum is number forty on the spectator list. Matua, a wine from 2016, boasts luscious nectarine and peach notes with ruby grapefruit, key lime and mango connotations. There were about a half a million cases of this harvest. Bright side, it is only twelve bucks. Alternatively, the suggestion is this wine be consumed immediately meaning it probably won’t age as well as the more expensive Duckhorn.

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With a good suggestion on both ends of the financial spectrum, let’s look at some wonderful wines that fall in the middle. At around fifty bucks per bottle, you can snag some Justin. The wine, not the pop singer. The combination of both dark and red berries, licorice and mocha is sure to make the mouth water. This is a dry wine, so if that isn’t your style, try the Domaine de la Solitude. The name alone inspires daydreams of a warm bubble bath, a super trashy romance novel, sweet smelling candles and of course, peace and quiet. Domaine is a whimsical white wine with smooth melon, green fig and pear notes that is sure to arouse the palate. There are also Spring Valley, Purple Hands and Turley to round out the list of middle range pricing.

Regardless of taste or delivery method (maybe you are a box wine kind of gal), the relaxing effects of wine can be just as marvelous as a few deep inhales of your favorite smoking apparatus. Cannabis isn’t always readily available and depending on what state you live in, it might not be legal. When a break from the mundane becomes necessary, head on over to the local liquor store and snag a bottle of your favorite wine. Pop that top and pour yourself a calming glass of awesomeness.