Move Over Sip and Paint. It’s Time for Wine and Weed!

Girls Night Gets a Makeover

Since the dawning of sisterhood, women have looked forward to a great night out with her closest girlfriends.

For quite some time, the best most of us could ask for was the inside of a bar packed wall to wall with gyrating humans under flashing strobe lights. Expensive booze, loud techno music and the constant tap on the shoulder from yet another hopeful suiter made the thought of a fun-filled evening with the girls’ cringe-worthy. More recently, activities like paint and sip have become the go-to. Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine while visiting with the girls and trying to accurately paint the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

While that is a great alternative to the bar scene, there is something new and exciting for you to try next time the girls get together. Wine and weed. States like Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, have introduced this great escape from the norm. Companies like Cultivating Cannabis offer a girls’ night in, where the hostess and her guests can enjoy a nice meal, wine and Grade A cannabis for dessert. Recreational legal states are strict where areas of consumption are concerned. Why not stay at home and let the fun come to you? While it is in your home, the cost of the event covers a three-course meal, a private chef, your own cannabis sommelier, the table setting, gifts for attendees, set-up and take down. Not only do you get to imbibe in fine wine and weed, you have your own staff of people to provide the perfect experience for you and your friends.

Many people are discovering that the cannabis plant has flavor profiles, just like a fine wine. When properly blended with the right food combination, it creates a harmonious awareness of those cannabis flavors. The terpenes are what produce the aromas such as berry, pine, citrus and mint. Cannabis sommeliers (connoisseurs or stewards for weed) put together the best combinations of cannabis, wine and five-star entrees that make the taste buds explode in flavorful ecstasy.

What’s even better about this exciting endeavor is that it isn’t just wine and weed. Most companies offer a plethora of packages including day trips to the mountains with stops at dispensaries along the way, they also host bachelorette and birthday parties. The only downside (if you can really call it that), is that federal laws prohibit companies from purchasing cannabis and bringing cannabis to the party. However, based on your food and wine selection for the evening, your personal sommelier will go to the dispensary and pre-select locally and responsibly grown cannabis for your party.

So, next time you and your girls decide on a night just to yourselves, skip the bars or a weekend trip to Vegas. Instead, make an appointment to have your special occasion catered with gourmet food prepared by an executive chef, wine and prime, sticky sweet cannabis.