MJ Arsenal Creates Extraordinary Bubblers and Rigs that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

MJ Arsenal has created a truly extraordinary line of mini blunt and joint bubblers.

The use of these bubblers is a unique addition to anyone’s sesh, allowing you to fully enjoy a blunt or joint without having to use a roach clip. Plus, the hit is so smooth. In addition to their bubblers, MJ Arsenal has a mini rig line for those who prefer concentrates. These products are also spill resistant, ensuring consumers don’t suffer a disastrous party foul.

CEO and co-founder Josh Camitta was a professional golfer who also worked in operations and sales for the PGA Tour. After his pro-golfing days, Josh became a product designer in the cannabis industry. He invented The Grale, which allowed MMJ patients and rec consumers alike the ability to pinpoint the perfect dosage in accordance with the weight and strength of their cannabis.

In 2014, The Grale received its patent and in 2016, Josh and a friend founded MJ Arsenal (MJA).

Josh and his team are committed to pushing boundaries and work tirelessly to create new and exciting products. They take their time in scaling down their designs so that they fit into the palm of a consumer’s hand. If the final product isn’t to their liking and strict specifications, they scrap it and go back to the drawing board. With MJA, consumers know they will always get high-quality, spill resistant pieces that are petite, but pack a powerful punch.

Josh took a few moments to answer some questions for Viride, and this is what he had to say!

Viride: All of the mini rigs and bubblers are small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand. What is the process used to create such petite, yet intricate pieces?

Josh Camitta: Form follows function. These are words that you will often hear uttered in the MJA office. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries in terms of what is expected from a certain product or category. When it comes to our product development, we first identify a function that we would like to incorporate. The challenge then for our design team is to fit that style of percolation/filtration into the smallest footprint possible. For each product offering we have released to the market there have been at least 5-7 iterations prior to the widely released versions which allowed us to find the "middle porridge" every time. If in the end, the product is not something that our team internally wants to use over a previous offering, we go back to the drawing board until it is our new "daily driver.”

V: The mini line by your company is truly unique. What made you and your team decide to design and eventually take this line public?

JC: We have three main rules for every product we release:

1. Innovative

2. Affordable

3. Functional

Our first offering was the original joint and blunt bubbler™, The Martian™. This is what opened up the floodgates into the "mini world" for us. After the early success of our first offering, the whole concept of a "mini world" became more and more apparent. At that time, the concentrate markets had continued to grow like a weed and we wanted to find avenues to provide customers with products that would elevate what was ordinarily expected. We saw a lot of people starting to make mini rigs, while very cool, they seemed a bit big to be mini. We saw another group of artists start to make "micro rigs,” while these are some of the most impressive pieces I have seen, their function leaves much to be desired. When it came down to it, as consumers we wanted a brand we could trust to provide us with quality craftsmanship, and a method to the madness for how and why the products are formed. MJA fills that gap. Affordable, functional, and innovative glass for the masses.

MJ Arsenal Creates Extraordinary Bubblers and Rigs that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

V: Your site has limited edition items. How are these conceptualized?

JC: Our limited edition items are a newer avenue we’re exploring. We want to make our products to provide as much value for the owner as possible, this goes for both function and overall worth. We’re adding an element of exclusivity and collectability without having the price tag necessarily reflect that. We are planning a handful of products throughout the year that will be very limited releases and centered around special occasions and opportunities to partner with other incredible brands.

The Cupid was an internal idea that we had played with for a few weeks and decided to give it a shot. Definitely more of these holiday release to come!

V: Are you working on anything new and exciting for the future? (This could include plans for expansion, adding something new to your line, etc.)

JC: Always plans for new and exciting things! We have about 10 different glass bubbler/rigs that are designed and ready to rock, we are now in the midst of our product launch schedule planning from now through Q1 2019. We are developing a grinder product that will certainly elevate the ordinary shredder. Some dab tool concepts and more!

We are also offering all sorts of white label opportunities to companies looking to source or produce glass products. We have worked hard to forge the relationships that we currently enjoy and are delighted to share those connections and our expertise with other companies. This is anything from completely custom shapes to white labeled pre-existing designs.

MJ Arsenal Creates Extraordinary Bubblers and Rigs that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand