Cannabis Products That Combine Design and Function

When we say cannabis consumer do you think dirty glass bongs, black lights, and long-haired hippies? Do you think about tie-dyed t-shirts and smoky basements? If so, it's time that you snap into 2018. The cannabis stereotypes of yesteryear are fading faster than we do after a strong Indica. The products available to the budding community are also maturing daily.

Long-haired hippies will always be welcome just as black lights, smoky basements, and bongs will always be a part of the cannabis culture. Today though, there are many brands catering to a much more sophisticated consumer base.

These cannabis companies are combining design and function. They are doing so while also helping to break down the negative stigma that surrounds this beautiful culture and community.


OLO sublingual strips offer a perfect balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. These state-of-the-art products are like none other on the market. OLO strips are offered in 4 different specifically tailored experiences that are backed by triple testing to ensure a consistent experience every time. Whether you are looking to get active, get focused, socialize or chill, OLO has a product for you. OLO products are also gluten-free and vegan-friendly! OLO sublingual strips take effect within 10-15 minutes and are available in 5mg and 10mg precise dosages making them perfect for microdosing or merely having a more casual cannabis experience. Learn more at

Farbod Ceramics

Farbod Ceramics

While the world of ceramics and cannabis rarely meet, one company is offering a product that brings the two together offering both design and function. Farbod Ceramics based out of Amsterdam is a craft ceramic company that offers a handmade one of a kind Volcano Bong made by artisans with a passion for both cannabis and the art of ceramic making. The Volcano Bong is a "wheel thrown" ceramic bong that’s dipped in a white glaze for easy cleaning inside and out and speckled with clay for a unique design on the outer finish. These made to order custom pieces are available for only $120. Learn more at


Dosist offers an innovative delivery device known as "The Dose Pen™." This innovative device was voted one of the top 25 inventions of 2016 by Time Magazine. The Dose Pen™ is available in 6 specifically targeted formulas that utilize their proprietary dosage technology to provide a consistent, targeted and safe experience each and every time.  The Dose Pen™ by Dosist utilizes airflow control, time control, and optimized temperature controls to provide a precise and consistent dose with each use. The Dose Pen is available in two different varieties including a 50-dose pen, and a 200-dose pen. Each "dose" is a precise 2.25mg. Dosist currently offers six formulas including bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse, and passion for your enjoyment. Learn more at



Awmoo is a unique ceramic consumption apparatus that was created by two individuals that were bored with traditional smoking options on the market today. The awmoo is sleek, fashionable, and functional. Shaped like a sphere, the awmoo is 4 inches in diameter and available in 4 beautiful colors. To utilize, simply fill the awmoo chamber with warm water, add your favorite herbs to the bowl, ignite and enjoy. Each awmoo is handcrafted by a ceramic artisan utilizing the highest quality components to offer you a sleek, unique, and one of a kind experiences with each sesh. Learn more at

Jonathan Adler

The Hashish Candle by Jonathan Adler is a beautiful representation of just how sophisticated and classy the cannabis culture is. This candle which is inside of an attractive ceramic casing decorated with an incredible cannabis leaf design is a soy/paraffin blend that combines the scent of green apple, wormwood, patchouli, moss, and black currant. Each candle has an average 40 hour burn time which means it will outlast many smoke seshes while leaving your area smelling fresh and fragrant. Order your candle or learn more about Jonathan Adler and his work at

Jane West

The Jane West Collection is a perfect representation of how cannabis products are combining design and function. The products available in this collection include "elevated essentials for a modern cannabis experience," and were designed by Jane West who has been described as being the "most widely recognized female personality in cannabis" by

The Jane West collection includes four products including "The Compact," "The Classic," "The Wand," and "The Solo" which all put a new sophisticated twist on the traditional one-hitter smoking apparatuses. The sleek design of these pieces will not only elevate your sesh, but they will also elevate your life.

Jane West has also collaborated with Grav labs for "The Cobalt Collection" which includes 5 different cobalt colored glass smoking essentials for your enjoyment. This collection includes "The Spoon," "The Taster," "The Bubbler," "The Steamroller," and "The Beaker, all of which combine beautiful design and smooth function for the best sesh, every sesh. Learn more at

New Highs CBD

New Highs CBD

New Highs CBD knows that a new age is dawning, and they are representing this new era of sophistication with elevated dignity. New Highs CBD offers CBD hemp oils that are sure to bring the market to new highs. Their products which include a 700mg & 2000mg CBD oil option, are crafted utilizing the highest quality ingredients and backed by third-party lab testing. New Highs CBD sources their ingredients from farmers they know helping them to guarantee the quality and potency of their products from the hemp field to your door. All New Highs CBD products are designed with luxury and quality in mind to help you achieve new highs. Learn more at

To Whom it May Chocolates

To Whom it May Cannabis Chocolates have been featured in Vogue, Maxim, MG, LA Weekly, on, and many other media outlets. These meticulously hand-crafted cannabis-infused chocolates are boasting with enticing flavors. Made with only the finest ingredients and the smoothest dark chocolate, To Whom it May Cannabis Chocolates will elevate your edible experience.

The four unique flavors offered by TWIMCC are uniquely disguised as four individuals. Vivienne is a Cherry Cayenne Bonbon made with dried cherries, dark chocolate, red wine, cayenne pepper, and raw honey. Zak is a Smoked Almond Butter Truffle that is made with maple smoked almond butter, raw honey, toasted almond, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and organic coconut oil. Myra is a Hazelnut Brandy Bonbon made with dark chocolate, organic coconut oil, raw honey, brandy, cocoa powder, and hazelnut. Last but not least, Ralph is a Hazelnut Butter Truffle made with hazelnut butter, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, organic coconut oil, toasted hazelnut, and raw honey.

Each of these unique, sophisticated flavors is available in 5 different options including 10mg of hemp-derived CBD, or 2.5mg, 5mg, 15mg, or 45mg of THC. While their CBD options are available to ship to all 50 states, their THC infused chocolates are only available in the state of California at licensed and regulated cannabis dispensaries. Learn more at


Almost every sesh requires an ashtray, so why not have one that combines design with an essential functionality? That is precisely what the artists at Maaari have done with their Equilibrium Ashtray. This unique design was inspired by harmony, serenity, and the beauty of balance. The ashtray is made of hand-carved marble and topped off with a 100% post-consumer content felt bottom. All the marbled utilized in MAAARI products are made by the artisans of La Roca which are committed to revitalizing and bringing back opportunities to the marble manufacturing sector in the Philippines. The Equilibrium Ashtray is available in Century Black and Gray. Learn more or order yours today at

These are just a few of the companies combining design and function. Do you have a cannabis company that is bringing sophistication to the cannabis culture? Is there a product that you love that offers both function and style? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.