BethKaya’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Almond Butter Cups will Make You Smile

At a very young age, Jersey Shore-based artist and designer BethKaya knew that art, ancient culture, and holism were elements in life she couldn't live without. Years spent studying jewelry design and gemology at the Fashion Institute of Technology while nurturing a career in corporate marketing inspired her to begin creating unique crystal infused fragrances, soaps, and other spirited home goods for her own full-time business, an entrepreneurial endeavor she was finally able to actualize once she gave birth to her son.

BethKaya with Crystal. Photo Credit: Geraldine Vallecillos

BethKaya with Crystal. Photo Credit: Geraldine Vallecillos

With an uncanny knack for pairing scents, BethKaya possesses the ability to smell and taste colors and sounds, a “superpower” called synesthesia.

“This crossing of sensory wires grants me the ability to cross-create new products, like a perfume or lotion, that recreate a moment in time for someone on a 360 degree level, with a specific energy,” shares BethKaya with a sparkle in her cocoa-colored eyes.

For several years, BethKaya’s found much success growing her business via Instagram and Etsy. Now, Jersey Shore residents and vacationers have an opportunity to visit her new sacred retail space, Self Care Cove, for snacks, sundry items, and sanctuary. Whether it’s a hemp and honey soap bar with lavender, sweet orange, and tulsi leaf paired with calcite and dusted with 22kt gold mica or a cannabis flower and fig fragrance with peridot, citrine, salvia, and echinacea, her loyal customers cannot get enough of her mystical offerings.

BethKaya’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Almond Butter Cups will Make You Smile

In love with all things BethKaya, VIRIDE asked the talented artist to share one of her favorite recipes using the MagicalButter machine and MagicalButter’s Dark Chocolate. We have a feeling it will put a smile on your face.

Dark Chocolate Coffee Almond Butter Cups


1.5 cups of Magical Butter Dark Chocolate

1 tsp Ground Coffee (I used Kona Coconut Cinnamon)

2 heaping tbs of Almond Butter

Ground Cinnamon

Sea Salt

Mini Muffin or Chocolate Cups

2 tbs chopped Walnuts (optional)


In a double boiler, melt down about 3/4 c of MB Dark Chocolate. While melting, line a tray with the mini cups. Keep watch over chocolate and stir. When chocolate is melted, put about ½ tbs into each cup and use a spoon to cover the bottoms and the sides lightly with an even layer of chocolate— about 7 to 10 cups depending on how heavy and even your hand is. Put the tray into the fridge and then melt the remaining chocolate. Mix almond butter, dash of cinnamon, coffee and a pinch of nuts together in a small bowl. Remove the prepared cups from the cooler and drop enough of the filling in to fill almost 3/4ths. After remaining chocolate is melted, lightly top each cup with a bit of chocolate to cover the mixture. After applying an even layer to each, top with a tiny pinch of sea salt and or more pecans. Allow to cool and serve, package in a plastic treat sack to share with friends!


  • Filling can be played with, you can add chopped dehydrated cherries, rice crispies and more.

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