Perhaps CBD is What Woman's Best Friend Needs

Cannabis is a widely misunderstood plant. It comes in the form of hemp and medical cannabis. The term marijuana often replaces the scientific word cannabis but is actually a slang word having a derogatory nature towards women and minorities. This incredible plant has been utilized by countless civilizations and cultures around the world for thousands of years.

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It wasn't until the beginning of the early 1900s that it became demonized and criminalized. For the last 8 decades, the United States federal government along with other leaders around the world attempted an eradication of cannabis known as the War on Drugs. Thankfully, this war was lost by the US government, and the people of the planet are sharing the truth and facts about this widely misunderstood plant once again.

People are learning that cannabis offers a world of therapeutic potentials for them as well as their pets. Research has pointed the medical community towards the discovery of the mammalian endocannabinoid system that is endogenous to every mammal on the planet.

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Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and more all stand to benefit from cannabis, and that's leading us to a popular topic of discussion.

The topic of CBD and pets is one that comes up in the media every week it seems. With cannabis legalization happening in more places, more people are becoming aware of what this widely misunderstood plant is capable of. Just like people, our pets stand to benefit from CBD in a plethora of different ways.

Just what CBD is and how it may help your pet is a great question to ask yourself. Not only may your pet benefit from the improved health benefits offered from CBD but you can benefit from having a healthy pet. For many people pets are more like family members than animals they take care of. Our furry four-legged friends cuddle a special place into our hearts.

 Just like us, sometimes they get sick whether it be from seasonal conditions or just getting old. Let's explore CBD for pets and discover together some of the ways that pets can benefit from this hempsational phytocannabinoid. We'll start by learning about just what CBD is.

What is CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD for short is a phytocannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant. It's found present in both hemp and medical cannabis. CBD that is derived from the hemp plant has a lower active parts-per-million than CBD that is derived from medical cannabis. However, they are both extremely beneficial for the human body as well as for our pets.

The phytocannabinoid CBD works with our indigenous endocannabinoid system to trigger responses in cannabinoid receptors. These responses in return help influence levels of chemicals found in our body naturally such as anandamide aka the bliss molecule, serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins. CBD plays an essential role in helping the body to achieve and maintain homeostasis.

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CBD is known to help reduce the risk of diabetes, to help treat issues with sleep disorders, to reduce anxiety and stress, to help inhibit and kill cancer cells, to work as an antispasmodic, an anti-inflammatory, and much more. With so much going for it, it's no wonder that CBD is being called a miracle treatment for people and pets alike.

How CBD May Help Pets

CBD helps your pet much in the same manner that it helps you. Just like humans, our pets suffer from a variety of medical conditions such as cancer, arthritis, inflammation and more. Similarly, like ourselves, our pets also have an endocannabinoid system. Every mammal on the planet has one. The endocannabinoid system has within it a vast series of receptors. CB1 and CB2 receptors are the most common though there are also other receptors such as the THRV1 receptor.

When phytocannabinoids such as CBD are absorbed by these cannabinoid receptors magic happens. Actually, it's not magic it's called communication. Communication between cells and nerves takes place where previously little to none had existed. This opens the doors for your body to start naturally healing all kinds of conditions.

Pets aren't sitting back on the couch smoking joints and blazing bongs to take in there CBD. Tinctures and topicals are the most common forms of CBD for pets. Many pet owners experience the results they are looking for when they try CBD infused products for their furry family members. Dogs, cats, and other mammals can all benefit from a healthy endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is being called the bridge between the mind and body by many medical professionals. It would only make sense that the bridge connects mind and body for our pets in the same manner that it does for us.

Brands of Pet CBD Products with a Good Reputation

Canna-Pet, Honest Paws, and Hempful Farms are three CBD companies that have great reputations.

Whether you're looking for CBD oil for your dog or cat Honest Paws is a great place to check out. If you have that finicky furry friend that won't just devour any old treat you place in front of them, then Honest Paws might be just what you need. They claim to have the number one rated CBD oil and treats for dogs and cats.

Canna Pet specializes in hemp nutrition for cats and dogs. They also offer treats for other animals like horses as well.

Hempful Farms offers a proprietary brand of products called Paw Puddy that includes many difference CBD based options for your pets and other four legged friends.

Don't just take our word for it though, do your research on any cannabis product that you're thinking about purchasing for your pets. Check reviews on the website and look over testimonials. Do a Google search to find out what others are saying about the company you're considering purchasing CBD pet products from. Finally, remember that determining how much to give your pets when it comes to CBD infused treats is another good idea to learn about. Determining factors such as size and weight will attribute to the effectiveness of CBD products for your pet.