Firefly 2: The Sports Car of Vape Pens

Firefly, the company that changed the way the world looks at and uses vape pens has released their newest design, the Firefly 2. The original Firefly was the first and only vaporizer to win the illustrious Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. It also received the commendation of Wired Magazine, The New York Times as well as vape experts and connoisseurs for its innovative design.

Their first vaporizer was so soundly made, easy to use and beautifully designed that the look itself didn’t change much from the first to the second version. There are a few things that have changed, however. While the look of the Firefly 2 remains relatively close to the first version, the weight and battery life have vastly improved.

Like its predecessor, the Firefly 2 is capable of heating both dry herbs and concentrate. The design allows for the simple removal of the magnetic cover, which is where the flower is loaded. Most users’ opinions on how much flower to load varies, but best results seem to be in the .1 to .2-gram range. The pen also works better when the grind of the flower is coarser. Like most apparatuses, too fine a grind can leave the consumer with a leaf or two in their mouth. Even though the pen can vaporize flower and concentrate, it’s creation leans more toward flower. Vape pens tend to be geared toward the cannabis consumer on the go, which could prove difficult for heavier smokers. Still, for the quality and speed of the heating time on the pen, it is worth loading an extra bowl or two for the above average consumer.

While the Firefly II is geared toward dry herb, it transcends beyond that of its competitors in terms of performance and ease of use. Part of the purchase price includes three, high-quality concentrate pads. With this pen, a rice-sized portion of the concentrate yields two to three generous hits. As it is with flower, too much concentrate can adversely affect the pull. With a pen this advanced, less is more. When using concentrates, it is recommended to clean the vapor path every ten uses or so. The package also includes gadget-friendly alcohol wipes for your convenience.

What’s probably one of the greatest things about this vape pen is it only heats up when the consumer inhales, meaning there is zero waste with flower or concentrate. That’s a huge deal considering how much we spend on our cannabis. The Firefly 2 has an application for the Android and iPhone, which is where consumers can set their preferred temperatures. The pen then cools down almost as quickly as it heats up for more controlled dosing.

Aesthetically, the piece is very pleasing. It is larger than other portables like the Pax 3, but the design is such that its size can be overlooked. The consumer can choose from six assorted colors and can later purchase different top lids to mix it up. Other accessories include cases and colored battery doors.

Price wise, the sticker on this bad boy is on the higher end of the spectrum. However, the fact that there is zero waste with use means consumers are going to save a lot of money on their herbs and concentrates in the future. Additionally, for 329.95, consumers get the Firefly 2 in the color of their choice, cleaning kit, charger, two additional lithium batteries, three concentrate pads, the charging dock and a USB cable.

Despite the larger than average size, consumers absolutely love the Firefly 2 for its ease of use, heating on demand and overall superior vapors and flavor. The high-caliber quality of the Firefly 2 earns it the title of The Sports Car of Vape Pens. It is truly an outstanding device and highly recommended for any consumer from beginner to experienced.

Finally, huge shout out to Vape World for providing us with their Firefly 2 so that we were able to give the best possible review on this fantastic device!

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