KushKards Spreads Stoner Cheer All Throughout the Year

With KushKards, you can celebrate just about any holiday in an innovative, highly artistic and fun way.

From birthdays to Valentine’s Day, KushKards puts a creative spin on the traditional greeting cards we are used to seeing.

In an age where consumers are used to sending e-greetings and thank-you cards, we find exceptional appreciation in witty, handwritten notes designed with the cannabis enthusiast in mind. Recently, KushKards founder, creator and CEO Lauren Miele sat down to discuss her perfectly poetic cards with Viride and here is what she had to say.

Lauren Miele KushKards

Viride: How did you come up with KushKards?

Lauren Miele: The idea came to me when I decided to design something fun and different for a friend. I thought it would be cool to attach a blunt to the card. The concept evolved from there. I started to think about ways to attach the blunt and eventually decided to incorporate a striking pad, so people could use their match against the card.

V: There are a few dispensaries that carry your product. Do you see expansion in this market soon?

LM: Definitely. It’s kind of tough because a lot of dispensaries don’t sell a whole lot of product outside of cannabis. I started out going to trade shows and was able to connect with a few dispensaries that way, but for future expansion, I’d like to see specialty shops carry my cards. Stationary storefronts and any place that has a section for cards are my focus.

V: Speaking of stationary, KushKards offers Stoner Stationary. Often, there is a stigma surrounding the word stoner. What made you decide to incorporate it into this creation?

LM: Personally, I like the word. There is a stereotype associated with stoner and I don’t like it. Stoners aren’t hanging out in their parent’s basement getting high and wasting their lives. Stoners are CEOs, business owners and corporate workers who consume to relax after a long, stressful day. We need to get away from the assumption that people who smoke pot are not intelligent. I will continue to use the word and do so proudly.

As far as the stationary goes, I’ve always liked pen and paper. In between meetings and working on content, I often doodle on paper at my desk. A lot of creative people have ideas and realize they don’t have anything to write them down on. The stationary is compact and can fit in pockets or purses making it easy for anyone to write down their thoughts at any given time. Being able to quickly jot things down is how I remember what play on words I’ll use for my cards, like High-Deas for the Stoner Stationary.

V: There numerous strains of cannabis, many of which are geared toward creative stimulation. What is your favorite?

LM: Jillybean. I like that it is uplifting, which gives me a burst of energy and creativity. After a smoke sesh, I can sit down and let the creativity flow.

V: Are you working on anything exciting you’d like to share with the readers?

LM: Yes! I’m working on a prototype to incorporate dabs into my cards. I’d like to give people the option to gift concentrates or blunts. It’s a matter of finding the right apparatus. Something too bulky and the envelope might not close. Plus, it would be nice if it’s something the consumer could refill. It’s a work in progress, but I’m excited to be able to bring something new to my customers and the cannabis community.

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