Magical Infusion Tools and Tech We Love

Infusing our favorite foods, beverages, and even beauty products with amazing botanical herbs and plants is easier now than ever before.

This is thanks to amazing technological advances that have taken the guesswork and much of the labor out of the process. One of our favorite herbs to cook with and infuse into products, of course, is cannabis. Three of our favorite tools to help make this happen are the Magical Butter Machine, the Ardent Decarboxylation machine, and the Levo countertop infuser. Learn more about these incredible tools below!

Magical Butter Machine

Magical Butter Machine

The MagicalButter machine debuted as the world’s first ever countertop botanical infuser appliance in 2012. Six years later, it is still one of the leading infusion products available on the market for home use. The MagicalButter machine allows you to easily make your own infused butter, oils, and tinctures, safely in your home with just a few simple steps.

The MagicalButter machine also known as the MB2E machine offers the capacity to infuse between 2-5 cups of your choice liquid with each infusion cycle. The infusion takes place inside of a stainless-steel pitcher that has been constructed to work seamlessly with the features that make it all possible.

The integrated digital thermostat and sensors allow for you to receive the same grade of temperature controls as what is utilized in laboratories. This ensures that you will receive the best results, consistently, each and every time you use the MagicalButter device. The device which weighs just 10lbs is also self-cleaning and fully automatic thanks to microprocessor-controlled program sequences.

The MB2E machine is simple and easy to use. When you order yours, you will receive the MB2E machine, the MB LoveGlove, a PurifyFilter, the MB CookBook, an owner’s manual and a 110V power supply cord.

To begin utilizing your MagicalButter device, simply follow the recipe for your desired final product. Using the device to infuse butter, oil, or grain alcohol is as simple as adding your ingredients to the machine, securing the head, pressing the temperature button and setting it to your desired temp for the specific time required in the recipe. That's it! You can learn more by checking out some of our favorite recipes here at Viride.

Once the cycle is complete, simply put on the LoveGlove and pour the contents through the PurifyFilter into your preferred storage container. From there simply utilize your infused product to give your favorite foods, drinks, and beauty products and infused twist!

The MagicalButter machine is available for purchase at for only $174.95! Use the code “VIRIDE“ at checkout to save some green on your purchase!

Ardent Decarboxylator

Ardent Decarboxylation

The Ardent Nova Decarboxylator is an incredible device that is taking the guesswork out of one of the most crucial steps to making infused foods, beverages, and other items. The step being referenced, of course, is the step where you must decarboxylate your cannabis. This should happen before you infuse cannabis into oil, butter, or tinctures.

The reason being is, the cannabinoids found in cannabis are not active until this step takes place. That means if you simply infuse some cannabis into butter or oil you will not feel the full effects or benefits from your herb. Decarboxylating your cannabis before infusion activates cannabinoids such as THC and CBD unlocking their full potential.

The NOVA decarboxylator from Ardent is a standalone, compact, countertop device that allows you to get the perfect decarb, every time. Unlike other methods of decarbing, such as utilizing the oven, the NOVA heats to a precise temperature and remains consistent for the length of time needed to perfectly decarb your herb. It is a very common occurrence for those who are new to decarbing to utilize the oven and end up with burnt or otherwise useless herb. With the NOVA from Ardent, you NEVER have to worry about your herbs being scorched or unusable.  

Utilizing the NOVA is also very quick and easy! Simply add up to one ounce of flower, or 5 ounces of keif to the device, attach the lid, and press the start button! That’s it! The best part, you never have to worry about your house smelling like freshly baked cannabis when utilizing the NOVA from Ardent as it is airtight and provides completely odorless decarboxylation.

The Ardent NOVA is available for purchase at for only $210! Use the code “VIRIDE” at checkout to save some green on your purchase!


If you're looking to infuse oil or butter, you can rely on the LEVO. LEVO automates the process of oil infusion with a simple to use countertop device. Utilizing the LEVO makes the process of infusing oils as easy as making a pot of tea! Unlike traditional infusion methods, infusing with LEVO is mess-free and much safer as well. This incredible device utilizes precise temperature controls and timing to provide you with the perfect at home small batch infusion with each use!

The LEVO requires absolutely no solvents, additives or emulsifiers to infuse your butter or choice of oil. This miraculous device is able to infuse between 5 ounces and 16 ounces of liquid per infusion cycle! All of the components are dishwasher safe making cleanup a breeze! The durable silicone stirrer ensures efficient infusion with automatic dispensing and filtration. This in combination with the dishwasher-safe components, makes the LEVO not only easy to use but easy to clean up after as well! The LEVO is available at for only $149.99!

LEVO is taking it beyond infusion as well with the LEVO II. This new age device offers more incredible features than the original LEVO including the ability to dry and decarb your cannabis within the same infusion device. That's right! The LEVO II allows you to dry your herbs, decarb your herbs activating their botanical ingredients, and infuse butter or oil all in one device!

In addition to all of the incredible features that the original LEVO offers and aside from the LEVO II's ability to dry and decarb in addition to infuse, the LEVO II has even more to offer.  Introducing the LEVO app! With the new technology inside the LEVO II and this app, you can control your infusions on the go.

The app allows you to keep track of your infusions, control certain aspects of the device from your phone, and includes a time & temperature calculator to help take the guesswork out of infusing! The LEVO II is available in 5 colors online at for only $349.99!

Have you had the opportunity to utilize any of these hempsational devices? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback and more about your experiences in the comments below!