The Best Part of Waking Up? Infused Breakfasts

A recent article by the New York Times supports that not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but a hearty breakfast—one that is proportionally more substantial than your lunch and dinner—may be healthiest.

Essentially, front-loading your calories at the start of the day is potentially healthier than eating large lunches and dinners.

This got us thinking about fun and healthy infused breakfast recipes to help jumpstart the day. Maybe you’re mitigating chronic pain, or simply enjoying an adult day off, an infused breakfast may be the boost you’re seeking to greenlight the day. Even if you like waking without the extra “baking,” using CBD dominant strains for infusions can ward off potential intoxication, or simply microdose your way to AM bliss by working with smaller portions.  


Forget the naysayers. Smoothies, like the Blue Velvet Smoothie, make a fulfilling morning meal. Plus, smoothies can pack in extra calories without the bloat and sluggishness from eating animal fats, proteins, and gluten. Start with berries and bananas, nut butters and cacao, and a dollop of local honey in a blender to get things moving. Toss in several handfuls of your favorite salad greens, like spinach or kale, with a dash of infused coconut oil for a vegan superfood breakfast fit for superheroes.   


Maybe you lean more traditional and prefer the toothiness of breads and pastries over drinking your morning meal. Tasty blueberry muffins are a great way to start the day, especially when they’re nutrient rich and easy on the digestive system. Substitute wheat flour in your recipes with gluten-free mix, or make raw-vegan muffins using powdered rolled-oats, brazil nuts, and ground flax for flour. Infused butter, honey, or nut milk can be incorporated to taste.


Fresh, organic, grass-fed butter is one of the most versatile breakfast accompaniments. If you’re an All American Grand Slam champion of breaking-the-fast, then infused butter is a great way to knock breakfast out of the park. Cook your farm fresh eggs with a pat. Melt a slice over your pancakes. Spread some on toast. Go for gold by using infused butter to make syrups and gravies like Maple Bacon Bourbon Butter Sauce, then splatter and scatter your brekkie into the big leagues.    

Bulletproof (or Keto) coffee

Bulletproof coffee, or keto coffee, is a cup of hot coffee with a few added tablespoons of butter plus a tablespoon of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Those who are on-the-go love bulletproof coffee for its energy producing caffeination, supported by the milk fat in butter and triglycerides in MCT which help lengthen the time it takes to metabolise. Purportedly, this sustains the energy boost and mitigates the typical caffeine crash associated with traditional coffee drinks. The addition of butter and MCT opens the door to infusing morning coffee in two ways. Why not try both? Go with a CBD infused MCT oil and a THC dominant grass-fed butter infusion to customize and fortify your morning cup of joe.  

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