Pachecos: Pocket-Sized Sidekicks That Pack a Sophisticated Punch

With all kinds of options for cannabis on the market, how can you possibly choose? Vape pens, pipes, bongs, joints…the list continues to grow.

Oregon’s Eco Firma Farms, known for their commitment to sustainability and passion for growing artisan crafted cannabis, recently introduced Pachecos.

These premium handcrafted smokes come in stylish packages of one, three or five. VIRIDE especially loves that you can purchase them individually, allowing you to sample every style Pachecos has to offer. Who doesn’t enjoy creating a sample pack by choosing vibes that caters to every mood and whimsy?

Whether you’re looking to consume all of these delights on your own or you’re in charge of providing the refreshments for an upcoming soirée, Pachecos are sure to please. The packaging is jazzy, making them a thoughtful and sophisticated wedding, birthday or anniversary gift. We’re smitten with their attention to detail (the Pachecos logo is everything), the inclusion of a high CBD blend, and the way they make us feel. And, we’re excited by their use of 100 percent recycled packaging. It shows that they not only care about the wellbeing of their consumers, but of the well-being of our beautiful planet.

Great for casual tokers and experienced smokers, these cotton-filtered, smooth-hitting blends come in four different strengths. Here’s how they describe them on the website:

Keen: High CBD / Low THC

Keens are a high CBD blend, great for a quick, solid strength hit. Low levels of THC make these little sessions perfect for a light mid-day puff and move. Be sharp and stay chill.

Mazzy: Low CBD / Mid THC

The low CBD and mid to high range THC in Mazzies can translate strong to the newcomer or mild to the seasoned user. Smoke a lot or toke a little, Mazzies treat you kind any hour.

Stryder: High THC / Low CBD

Get up and go with a boost from Stryders. With varying strength, these little Debbies can charge energy and stroke creativity with zero lock down. For the active worker type, Stryders make fine companions.

Hammerhead: High THC / Low CBD

Rich in THC, Hammerheads are a hard hitting, high potency smoke with a heavy, full effect. An honest hit for the seasoned enthusiast.

Right now, these treats are only available in Oregon. So next time you’re in the Pacific Northwest, swing by a local dispensary (we hear the gorgeous shop Serra carries them) and pick up an assortment of Pachecos for you and your friends!

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