DaVinci Introduces Smart Path Technology: A wiser way to vape

Founded in 2011, DaVinci prides themselves on their innovation and dedication to the cannabis consumers.

They are known for being the most trusted brand when it comes to healthy and discreet consumption of cannabis. Their outstanding brand is synonymous with providing a truly enlightened cannabis experience.

The IQ Vaporizer by DaVinci is one of the most intelligent vaporizers on the market today. From the design to its Smart Path Technology, the IQ takes vaping to a whole new level. It’s got a sleek design and comes in four colors; Stealth, Copper, Gunmetal and Blue. For a rather low additional charge, the user can also have their vaporizer engraved.

Not only is the IQ sleek and perfect for the vape user on the go, it is the only vaporizer capable of three functions including the Smart Path Mode, Precision Mode and Boost Mode. Probably one of the greatest features of the IQ is its Bluetooth App Integration. The smartphone app allows users to track their Smart Path usage, which makes the IQ more powerful and much smarter. Vape enthusiasts will absolutely love all of the smartphone capabilities, which includes the ability to turn on the vape from their phone!

Now, let’s talk about the Smart Path Technology. DaVinci realized that temperature control is important when vaping with cannabis. Too hot and the material will burn, obliterating any flavor. There are four levels to the Smart Paths:

High Noon (350-370 degrees). Lower temperatures awaken the senses to a plethora of tastes and aromas. Activation of THC at this level provides a mid-level euphoria and the typical experience described is head changing. This is a great starting point for people who are new to the vape experience.

Sunset (370-390 degrees) This temperature activates the CBD in cannabis. The Sunset level is great for insomniacs, can stimulate the appetite and releases anti-inflammatory properties, which makes this level perfect for an intense post-workout at the gym.

Moonlight (390-400 degrees) Known as the leisurely range, this provides a full-bodied sensation with the activation of CBN. This is great for users who are looking to wind down after a long day, leaving them in a highly relaxed state.

Sandman (410-430 degrees) The name here says it all. Sit down on the couch and relax as the activation of terpenes triggers the sedative nature in the mind. At this level, users feel content and all around happy.

Another great feature added to the IQ is Boost. This is great for an on-demand hit or energy saving mode. It’s also a discreet way to take a massive hit for yourself, then return it to standard mode when passing it around to friends. Boost is also perfect for the multi-tasker. If you need to set the vaporizer down for longer than thirty seconds, this mode keeps the stash preserved until you are ready to use it again.

This vaporizer is great for anyone from beginner to advanced vape enthusiasts. Design, size, functionality and the new Smart Path Technology make the IQ a must have!


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