Cannador Changes the Way Cannabis Enthusiasts Store Their Stash

An Interview with Zane Witzel, CEO of Cannador

Cannador is the creation of CEO Zane Witzel.

Several years ago, when he and some of his friends were preparing to go out for the night, they decided to first spark up. Upon seeing a rather worn and brightly colored shoebox with paraphernalia and loose buds strewn about, he thought there had to be a better way. We recently spoke with Zane about his Cannador and here is what he had to say!

The cannabis plant is potent, yet fragile if not stored properly. Even during its growth, the right balance of humidity is crucial to growing great buds. The Cannador is a fantastic way to keep marijuana from getting too dry or too moist. One of the components of the Cannador is the Humidity Bead System. How does this system work?

I saw the cigar industry utilizing this method to keep cigars fresh. They’re made at higher relative humidity (RH) percentages. The beads themselves can be manufactured to maintain higher or lower RH ratios. So, I examined this concept to see how it would work with lower relative humidity ratios and it seemed to work great with cannabis. If you can keep it between 55 and 62 with the high end being 65 percent, you can experience more flavor and maintain the terpenes. You can also revive dry buds. A lot of people experience dry bud. Harvested and cured cannabis will naturally evaporate its moisture over time. What you can do is add the right amount of moisture to bring it back to life. It will be a little stickier, squishier and in some instances, it can be a little harder to grind or chop up. That’s okay because if you are smoking or combusting it, you don’t want it to be too dry because it can be harsh on the throat and the lungs. I basically adapted those principles from a tobacco humidor and modified them for cannabis, lowering the RH ratio. Plus, we removed cedar as the interior wood. Spanish cedar is an oily wood that has a spicy scent and its oils are used in most tobacco humidors to enhance the flavor of cigars. You don’t want to have anything interfere with the taste of cannabis, so that’s why we chose mahogany as the interior wood. It’s neutral and it doesn’t change or influence the taste of cannabis, plus it’s great with balancing moisture.

Cannador sells several different storage and humidity controlled products. Boveda Packs are described as an alternative to the Humidity Bead System. When coupled with the Miron Jars, it provides similar humidity effects to stored marijuana. Was it always your intention to have another option for consumers?

Boveda markets their products for the cannabis market. We hopped on board a little later in the game with that respect because we wanted to experiment with the Humidity Bead System first. As time progressed, we realized there were plenty of people who don’t want to use the bead system since it must be dipped in water once every two to three weeks and that can be kind of labor-intensive. For someone always on-the-go or always traveling, they prefer to keep it in a jar with a Boveda Pack -- no fuss, no muss. It’s very easy to use. These packs are manufactured to maintain a specific relative humidity ratio, usually between 58 and 62 percent for cannabis. The packs can be used in any kind of jar. I’ve seen great results with them in a jar. Any kind of moisture between 55 and 62 percent will maintain the integrity of the terpenes and that translates to maintaining good flavor. This is pertinent for people who like to vaporize, which we know is healthier for you. When vaporizing, you can taste more of the terpenes. When you combust like with a bong or a joint, you don’t have as much ability to taste those terpenes because you’re inhaling ash from the plant.

Cannador has great products already available for purchase online and in retail stores across the United States. Is your company working on any new products for future release?

We are working with a well-known company to manufacture air tight travel cases. These will be introduced mid-July. I wanted to make something that could be used on-the-go. I sourced air-tight zippers made in Europe that are commonly used for wetsuits and coolers, so they’re airtight and waterproof. We will have two options: coffee leather or ballistic nylon. I think our customers are going to love these when they see the attention to detail and quality of the materials.

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