The Magical Art of Infusing

The magical art of infusing with the MagicalButter Machine

In college, I was notorious for my edible creations.

I much prefer ingesting Cannabis to smoking it (after two rounds of swine flu and walking pneumonia my lungs are pretty much toast) and without the legal market to supply me with medicated confections I was forced to make my own edibles. I would grind up a half ounce of flower, dump it in some coconut oil and let it steep on the stove top for just about 13 hours. 

The concoction required constant babysitting to make sure it didn’t overheat, so anytime I wanted to make edibles I had to block out an entire day. About a year into my edible experimenting I switched to the crockpot method. If I kept it on low, I didn’t have to babysit the oil, which was a plus. However, the house still reeked of weed. But hey it was worth it for that sweet edible experience. 

When I moved out to Portland I gave up making my edible creations. I was surrounded by delicious medicated treats that I could purchase: gummies, chocolates, mints oh my! No longer did I need to slave over a stovetop. 

But, there was something that I missed about making my own edibles. The process, though often times annoying, is special. You interact with the Cannabis you extract, grinding it up, infusing the product with love and good intention. There is something to be said about cooking or in my case ‘infusing’ with love. 

That is why I was so excited when I found the MagicalButter machine. The MagicalButter machine is a device that allows you to make infused butters, tinctures, oils and salves. It is easier than a crockpot to use and its smart, slim design fits on any countertop. 

The device itself is made up of a chamber, heating unit, thermostat and immersion blender. This ensures that your infusion never overheats or burns. The immersion blender grinds and mixes your herb for you. Gone are the days of trying to grind a half ounce of flower one grinder at a time! Throw your nugs into the chamber with your oil, set to the desired temperature/time and voila you’ve got potent medicated oil without the hassle. Plus, the machine comes with a strainer so that you can easily remove the plant material from your oil once its done cooking. Really, it’s that easy,

Except there is one caveat. If you are infusing Cannabis into your oil you must decarboxylate the plant material first. Decarboxylate sounds like a very scary, large, scientific word, but we do it all the time when we consume Cannabis. 

Every time you light up a joint you are decarboxylating Cannabis. All cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) exist as acids until they are heated. When we heat cannabinoids, we remove their carboxyl group (what makes them an acid) thereby performing a decarboxylation reaction. The decarboxylation reaction is essential for us to reap the psychoactive and medicinal properties Cannabis is praised for. This is why we must heat cannabinoids before, or as, we consume. 

So back to the Magical Butter Machine. How do we decarboxylate Cannabis before we infuse it into our oil? We heat it! An easy way to do this is to spread the nugs out on a baking sheet, and bake them in the oven for around an hour at 245 degrees F. Once the nugs are done baking, you just throw them into the MagicalButter machine with your oil and start infusing. And bam! You’ve got some incredible Cannabis oils, salves, tinctures and butters in no time at all. 

With the MagicalButter machine you’re not limited to just Cannabis. I recently founded a company, Prismatic Paradigm, that makes tinctures and oils infused with medicinal herbs. The MagicalButter machine has been such a time saver when concocting our products! And with medicinal herbs, other than Cannabis, you don’t even need to worry about decarboxylating your product. Plus, the machine has a pretty rainbow light that shines while it’s cooking. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow light to infuse the product with even more love and color?! 

Whether you’re infusing oils/tinctures/salves/balms with Cannabis, other medicinal herbs, or a combination of the two - the MagicalButter is for you. 

If you’d like to give the MagicalButter machine a go, here’s a little inside deal for you! Save $30 when you use the code VIRIDE and start concocting your own infusions.