Resolution Creates Innovative and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for the Conscientious Cannabis Enthusiast

An interview with Dakota Wesley, the President of Resolution.

Resolution is a Colorado based company formed in 2015 by Dakota Wesley and some of his fellow classmates at Colorado State University.


While the cannabis culture in Colorado has made significant strides, Dakota noticed an important part of the industry was seriously lacking and that was when he concocted Res Caps. The silicone-based covers can stretch over steamrollers, glass water pipes and other glass components. They are great for quick and easy cleaning and storage of all smoking accessories. These revolutionary caps are ideal for those who travel and when stored, the Res Caps keep odor from escaping. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Dakota and ask him a few questions about his company and some of the new products he’s recently developed.

Your products are sold in nine countries, including the United States. Why do you think you’ve seen outstanding great success in a relatively short time?

It’s all distribution. Going to trade shows is something we really executed on early, making sure we were at all the right events -- CHAMPS trade shows to the big industry shows. At those, you run into people from all over the country and all over the world. Someone always knows someone else and that was how those distributors found us. We have some international distributors that bring us in like Kulu trading out of the Netherlands. They bring in a lot of product and it gets distributed all over Europe. Everything we do advertising-wise is through social media. We engage with our customers through social media, and continuously growing through that engagement. Many people are fascinated by our products, so we get quite a bit of attention in the media, as well. For example, NowThis Weed recently featured us!

People are becoming much more conscientious when it comes to the environment. For years, marijuana enthusiasts have had to use harsh chemicals to clean their pipes and bongs, which often left residue and potentially harmful fumes. What made you, personally, realize there had to be a better way?

We were trying to come up with something different that wasn’t alcohol based for our new cleaning solution, Res Gel. We met with people in chemical manufacturing and bottling facilities that run clay-based cleaners, and decided to use clay as the main ingredient. Res Gel is a clay-based cleaner that is extremely powerful. It’s made to eat resin and dirt off glass and metals. It’s actually absorbing the product itself rather than hardening it and knocking it off, which is what isopropyl and acetones are doing. The thing that is really cool about our product is that it has very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), less than three percent. The thing about isopropyl and cleaners of that nature, is that they are over 40 percent. It’s important to stress that VOCs are dangerous to inhale.

ResCaps have been a lifesaver in our home and I’m sure everyone who has used your product feels the same. Had it always been your intention to create an organic, environmentally sound product to clean pipes and bongs as well?

I want Resolution to be the cleaning brand in the industry. Smoking is dirty. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Smoke going through glass is dirty and oil and tar and resin gets built up. There’s some competition within the realm, but I don’t think it’s anything for us to worry about since we have such innovative products. I want Resolution to dominate the cleaning space as a whole.

In an industry still frowned upon by most government agencies, it must feel good knowing despite those hurdles, your company continues to grow. While we continue to work toward full legalization across the United States, do you think Resolution will branch out into other sectors of the marijuana industry?

It really depends what the two to five year plan looks like. The next two years are focused on cleaning. We might look toward owning dispensaries as the industry unfolds. That would be possible because it’s an industry that we know. We know a lot of people within it, so it makes starting other ventures a little easier.

As with most topics of a political nature, not everyone is in the same boat when it comes to nationwide legalization. Have you experienced any negative reactions from people in the community?

Yeah, I think that sometimes there is backlash. It’s never really something I’ve dwelled on too much. I know what our vision is and I know what we are trying to accomplish and I stay focused on our goals. There is so much opportunity and if people don’t see the vision, that’s okay.

Do you have anything exciting planned for the near future?

In the pipeline, we have a lot of cleaning accessories that are coming out, which is very exciting. I started this thing with really nothing, while I was still in college, and now we have a bit of a budget to start marketing and expanding into other areas and putting money into certain places to get more exposure. I think that is where the snowball will continue to keep getting bigger.

Check out Resolutions YouTube video on how to clean your bong using ResCaps

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