Find Utopia by Boogying Through the Silky Fog Produced by Summerland’s Ceramic Stonerware

Summerland creates stunning ceramic stonerware for consumers. Based out of San Francisco California, the team at Summerland uses high-quality and food-safe ceramic to forge their handcrafted smoking apparatus’ and accessories. Ceramics produce clean smoke, free of the foul vapors and chemicals generally produced by consuming from metal pipes and bongs. The ceramic glaze consists of microscopic beads that are applied to the clay pipe. Once it’s fired in the kiln, those beads melt and turn into a lustrous gloss. Most of their products are white or clay colored, but Summerland has a line of wicked looking bongs designed by artists in the San Francisco area. Viride had the pleasure of speaking with Liam about Summerland products, partnerships and pipes.

Summerland Fruit Fantasy

Viride: Summerland worked with local artists to create the Slow Moves Collection, which features bongs designed by artists in your community. What inspired this decision:

Summerland: The clean white bongs were just asking for a good customization, and I'm always looking for reasons so get in touch with artists that I admire - so it was just an obvious opportunity to pursue with the brand. The bongs came out great and there are still quite a few available to grab - these are one of a kind art objects from very successful artists at a steal of a price.

V: How long does it take to make a ceramic bong/pipe?

S: So much of it depends on variables existing in the natural environment at that moment. All our pieces are made with a slip cast process, which involves pouring liquid clay into plaster molds, which absorbs the water out of the clay and forms a hard shell. The piece is then fired, glazed, and re-fired. This process at a minimum takes 3 days for all the steps. However, if the weather is very wet, which it often is this time of year in California, this can really slow down the process and require a lot more waiting in between steps. 

V: The names you've given the bongs and pipes are wonderfully unique. My favorite being The Land Yacht. How did you come up them?

S: The naming process was driven mostly by intuition - what kind of themes flashed into my mind given a certain characteristic of a piece. Some are related to surfing, like the Pleasure Point - a favorite Santa Cruz beach with long and pleasant right-hand waves - the name presented itself when pondering the piece's pointed base and associations of feeling good. The Crystal Voyager is another surf inspired piece, sharing the title with a famous surf film starring George Greenough - but I also loved the idea that the pipe could be used as a device to transport the user into another dimension or higher plane of existence. The one piece that I had a lot of trouble naming is the Chongo. I asked my friend and copywriter, Jason Crase, who writes most of our copy, to name it. Jason is also an avid rock climber, and upon deep discussion of the themes of this piece, gave it the name Chongo after an infamously elusive climber who lives in the woods of Yosemite, rarely sighted.

Summerland Crystal Voyager

V: The apple-shaped pipe Fruit Fantasy is particularly catchy. Does Summerland have any intention of working with a grower to perhaps have its own strain inspired by this or any other pipe/bong?

S: Not now, but that’s a great idea! It would have to be full sun, super fruity, and insanely euphoric.

V: Is there anything new and exciting you are working on that you'd like the readers to know about?

S: We just relaunched the brand with a revamped site and a slew of new products - new earth-inspired matte pieces we're calling "Stone Tones", new hemp apparel, and a new entry level portable chillum pipe dubbed the "Some Hitter".

Summerland Fruit Fantasy