Stonedware and Viride Collaborate on Custom Pipes

Ariel Zimman started Stonedware in 2015. Originally, her pieces were like many already on the market with a phallic shape.

Not long after she started, she had an aha moment and realized that all pipes do not have to look that way. She wanted to make beautiful pipes made of stone that were multipurpose.

Viride Stonedware

Her custom pipes are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound. These stunning, hand-crafted pieces come in a variety of sizes and colors, ensuring the consumer is sure to find a piece they love. Recently, Viride got the opportunity to speak with Ariel about her journey and this is what she had to say.

Viride: From start to finish, how long does it take to create one of your pieces?

Ariel: It is about 2 weeks start to finish. It’s a seventeen-step process in which the product is made, trimmed, drying, fired, glazed, stuffed, fired again, sanded, and a few other steps in between. Each pipe is worked on for about two hours total over the course of two weeks.

V: The Geopipes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can sit out in plain sight without outright appearing to be a smoking apparatus. Was it always your intention to create pipes with artistry that has some wicked geometric funk, or did that come about over time?

A: When I first started working with ceramic pieces, I made them the way most pipes are. The phallic shape, easy to fit in your hand. I realized that pipes didn’t have to be that shape and started experimenting with the more diamond shaped pipes.

V: Some of your products are made to order. Are there some specs customers can request that make them one of a kind?

A: The glazes I use are commercial. Any glaze sold in a pottery shop can be applied to the product. I can change color, or how they are glazed. I can add stamps into the clay. Any graphic can be put on. If the customer would like a brand logo or anything along those lines, I can add them during the process making the piece unique to the consumer.  

V: You are working with Viride to create a custom piece. Can you talk a little bit about this exciting product and when it might be available?

A: Sarah really liked the pipes and wanted to have some custom pieces made and we were introduced via email. We went back and forth for a while and decided to team up. We collaborated, brainstormed some ideas, and came up with the design based on brand colors the Viride logo. It’s going to be beautiful.

V: Are you working on anything new and exciting?

A: Currently, I’m working with an edibles brand to make custom pipes. In the cannabis industry, it’s illegal to give cannabis away, so they wanted to have unique products to give to their clients. I also recently worked with photographer and lifestyle Instagrammer thiscannabislife, which was great. Finally, I’m doing some custom work for Serra which is a high-end dispensary in Oregon. There is a lot in the works right now.

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