The Trimmer Store: The Grower's One-Stop Shop for Premium Bud Trimmer Tools

The legalization of recreational marijuana created the need for quality, high-powered trimmers so growers could easily and effectively trim their crops.

Since 2015, Eric Singleton and his fantastic team at The Trimmer Store have been providing this service to retail and home growers.

In addition to top notch machinery, those using this service are given expert advice twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Trimmer Store prides itself on providing top-notch customer service and its employees are available to help customers find the device that will work best for their trim. We recently spoke with Singleton about his duties as Director of Operations and this unique and necessary service his company brings to the cannabis industry.

VIRIDE: Holy cow. I had no idea a place for renting trimming equipment even existed. This is such a great idea! Who thought of it?

Eric Singleton: My business partners Ryan and Greg actually started the company after they bought a machine for an outdoor grow. They realized quickly that renting these new and very expensive machines had a lot of potential. It just grew exponentially from there.

V: Harvest season must be crazy for you and your team! Describe a day in the life of Eric Singleton at this busy time of year.

ES: I wake up to a dozen missed calls each morning. I make some tea and start calling the missed calls. After that, I check in on my team at each location and have a quick team meeting about the day. We go over rentals for the day, deliveries, repair schedules and all the daily tasks that go along with running a business. After 10:30 am, it’s a blur of phone calls from web development, SEO, accounting, consults, sales, new projects and, of course, rentals. Around 5 pm, I usually go for a hour or longer run to clear my mind and think about the day. Then, it’s time to answer all the missed emails from the day. And occasionally and very infrequently, I stop to eat and sleep. It’s nuts. Imagine Macy’s in New York at Christmas time in the 80s.

V: Most of the rental machines are quite large. Do you cater specifically to major growers?

ES: No not at all. We have machines for every situation from one small harvest each year to bringing down hundreds of pounds a day. We’ve never met a harvest that was too big or too small.

V: Your site has a toll-free number for people to call and speak to an expert. What kind of experience does your staff have and what type of advice can they offer?

ES: My staff and I interact with more growers in a week than most people do in a year. That daily interaction and feedback coupled with extensive internal training makes them very helpful to a new or experienced grower. They can help you decide on the best method and machine for your flower as well as provide tips and tricks to ease the learning curve.

V: Currently, it looks like you have two locations. One in Denver and the other in Colorado Springs. Do you intend on expanding further north?

ES: Absolutely! In my interview on The Cannabist Show, I stated that 2018 is the year of expansion. We plan on being the most accessible resource in any market that needs our help.

V: At the CannaGrow Expo in Denver on October 28th and 29th, you provided an exclusive workshop, Evolution of Cannabis Harvesting: Learn to Reduce Stress and Costs Through Proficiency & Automation. Can you share a few useful tidbits from the workshop for those of us who weren’t able to attend?

ES: Yeah, I’d be happy to give you a sneak peek at some of the key points. 1). Have a plan in place long before harvest time. 2). Limit wasted movement and travel. 3.) Have a plan B in case something goes wrong. 4). Don’t Panic. 5). Make strain selections based on harvest style.

The Trimmer Store offers machine sales, daily and long-term rentals, in-store and on-site product demonstrations, repairs and maintenance, harvesting and cultivation systems consulting, cultivation and sales staff training, security protocol implementation, elite hand trimming crew services, and much more, including unique product reviews on The Trimmer Store YouTube channel.