Shine Papers: Premium Papers Made of Gold

You read that right. Shine Papers produce high-quality rolling papers and other products made in part with 24 carat gold.

Several years ago after having smoked a golden cigar in Las Vegas, Dave Brown (founder and owner) began to brainstorm.

How could they bring gold smokes to the public without consumers breaking the bank? They discussed a plethora of items from hookas to pipes and even blunts. Finally, they decided on golden rolling papers. Over the next few weeks, they began testing and continued to test until they found the perfect blend. Shine Papers are made from hemp then coated with edible 24 carat gold. The South Carolina based company has seen great success and makes several products from cigars to blunt papers with the consumable gold.

Shine produces two and six-pack rolling papers that come in standard gold or white gold. When the company launched, they knew they wanted to partner with someone who embodied the “shine lifestyle.” In 2014, they found that with rapper Tyga. Consumers can purchase a pack of papers named for the star. Tyga x Shine are king-sized rolling papers that come in a package of six. Want more than just a six-pack? Shine also offers The Brick. This combo comes with papers, blunt wraps, the king-sized gold cone, shade leaf wraps in whatever flavor you choose and some Shine stickers.

Consumers who’ve indulged in the gold papers have said great things about it. Considering the paper is made of gold, it is actually quite smooth. They are exciting and and add a unique touch to social events. The gold has little to no effect on the overall flavor of the cannabis. The papers are on the delicate side meaning between that and pricing, it’s the type of product you’d want to save for a special smoke session or social gathering.

In addition to papers, consumers can also purchase gold or woven blunt wraps and golden cones. Finally, Shine offers the Infinity Cigar. It is made with premium Dominican fillers and binders then wrapped in a Connecticut Shade leaf. It boasts a mild burn with both sweet and smooth notes. The sweetness of the papers do not go overboard meaning they don’t affect the flavor of your cannabis. The papers are easy to roll and are great for gifts or party favors. Who wouldn’t love to spark up a golden blunt, right?

The creators of Shine are constantly working on innovative and ingenious products to bring to the cannabis consumer. Currently, the creators of Shine are working on a new endeavor called Pure Leaf Wraps. They discovered that many of the tobacco based papers were made of poor quality. Like their Shine Papers, they wanted to bring something to the consumer that was high quality, but still affordable. The company has partnered with rapper The Game, who is an influential blunt smoker. Additionally, they are working with another up and coming rap artist SIYA to create a new flavor named Chocolate Milk, which is said to taste like Cocoa Puffs cereal.

Make sure to check out their website for retail locations and all the other awesome products and swag Shine Papers have to offer!

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