Michigan Says Yes to Adult Use Cannabis

The midterm elections brought significant progress to the movement to end the prohibition of cannabis in the United States.

One of the most significant victories seen for cannabis as the ballots closed on November 6th was the legalization of recreational/retail cannabis in Michigan. 

By legalizing cannabis for responsible adult recreational consumption, Michigan became the 10th state in the U. S. to do so, but the very first in the Midwest.

They also passed one of the most progressive retail cannabis laws we have seen to date. Here is a quick breakdown on what will soon be legal for adults in the state over the age of 21!

•     Possess Up To 2.5 Ounces in Public

•     Possess Up To 10 Ounces in Their Private Residence 

•     Cultivate 12 Mature Plants at Once in a Private Residence (With Restrictions - See Below)

The initiative to legalize and regulate a retail adult use cannabis market in Michigan won by a 56% to 44% vote. This doesn’t, however, mean that you will be able to grow wherever you would like or consume where you please. Here are a few more significant things you need to know.

•     Cannabis can only be consumed in private residences and on private property.

•     It is likely that dispensaries will not be open to cater to the retail industry for at least 12-18 dispensaries. 

•     Existing medical cannabis dispensaries are not permitted to sell cannabis to retail consumers. They will, however, have the chance to become retail licenses establishments before any other. 

•     Cannabis cultivation at home must take place in a space where the plants are not visible by the public. They must be grown in an enclosed area that is equipped with security devices or locks to prevent unauthorized access. 

•     The regulations and freedoms that this initiative brings will not go into effect until Proposition 1 becomes law. This is officially 10 days after the official certification of the election results.

The midterm elections also brought great victories in Missouri and Utah which both passed medical cannabis initiatives by the majority of the vote. On behalf of the entire Viride team, we would like to congratulate Michigan and the many advocates and activists that have made this possible.