Hempsational News About Industrial Hemp

Hemp has had a bad rep since marijuana prohibition began effectively in 1937. The lack of understanding between what the government called marihuana/marijuana and hemp (which is all cannabis) was astonishing. Rather than discovering the truth and answers about cannabis a facade of lies and propaganda was perpetrated by the United States Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

At one time in the United States, it was unlawful not to grow hemp if you could do so. Hemp has been a part of marijuana prohibition for over eight decades. In this time both the planet and the people have suffered.

Recently, in a monumental move, the U.S. Senate voted to legalize hemp after a decades-long federal prohibition. The Farm Bill, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), passed with a vote of 86 to 11. The Farm Bill has provisions in it to legalize the sale, cultivation, and processing of industrial hemp.

The Hempsational New Continues

The Farm Bill is also set to give hemp plants eligibility for crop insurance like regular crops. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), also ushered in the Hemp Farming Act. Provisions of this act are included in the full Farm Bill.

Though the act wouldn't legalize marijuana in any way, it would remove hemp off of the Controlled Substances Act. This bill was approved by the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry by a vote of 20-1. Industrial hemp could be the saving grace for American farmers. It could also be the saving grace for our rapidly deteriorating soil conditions in the U.S.

Hemp has loads of benefits for people and for the planet. This incredible plant should be the fabric of our lives as it is what our country was built on. It should feed our livestock and us. Hemp can be made into more than 25,000 commonly used items today and it does all of this while leaving us and the world in better shape than current methods.

A Low Blow to Those in The Hemp Sector

There isn’t another legal crop in the country that faces the restrictions that industrial hemp does. An amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill that was recently made would ban cannabis felons from working in the hemp industry. The amendment referring to felons and the hemp industry is worded as follows:

“FELONY—Any person convicted of a felony relating to a controlled substance under State or Federal law shall be ineligible—

(i) to participate in the program established under this section; and

(ii) to produce hemp under any regulations or guidelines issued under section 297D(a).”

It would seem as if this amendment was established to stop those who’ve supported cannabis and received a drug related felony (like so many have) from becoming part of this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Hemp legalization is also not included in the House version of this bill. Now legislators must debate this and other issues via a conference committee before the Farm Bill can officially make its way to the President’s desk to be signed into effect.

What’s All the Hype Over Hemp, Why Not Just Legalize It

Let’s get this straight. Hemp won’t get you high. It could end our dependency on certain non-renewable resources. It can be made into more than 25,000 different products in use today. Hemp seed is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and omegas on the planet. Hemp can feed people and animals.

Hemp reduces our environmental footprint on the planet. Did I mention it gets stronger the longer it sits when you build with it? Oh yeah and it’s fire and insect resistant. Hemp repairs damaged soil and air removing pollutants and contaminants via phytoremediation and aero-remediation.

So, what’s the hype over hemp? Why isn’t it legal again? This is a great question. Perhaps the political leaders in the U.S. can’t read. Maybe they have vested interests with private special interest groups. Who knows? What we do know is when you put a multi-billion-dollar industry in the hands of a proven greedy government, something absurd is bound to happen.

Something absurd like the recent amendment that would ban cannabis felons from the hemp industry.

Passing the Farm Bill Could Spell Relief for Some U.S. Farmers

In 1937 Popular Mechanics knew what the government is trying not to admit to knowing today, and that’s hemp would be a billion-dollar crop. By today's standards that should make hemp a trillion dollar crop you’d think. If the President signs the Farm Bill with measures to remove hemp from the controlled substance act, farmers could save their farms.

Hemp is one of the most durable and profitable crops out there. CBD from hemp is worth its weight in gold. This unique hemp compound is starting to surface in everything from milk to lotions and clothes again. It’s rumored that it cost a farmer more to buy a single loaf of bread than they make on a bushel of wheat that yields 60 loaves of bread.

Many Americans say that the future of American agriculture greatly depends on the 2018 Farm Bill. Climate change, escalating tensions with trade partners, and a massive oversupply of regular commodities spells trouble. If the Farm Bill was to pass, American Farmers could feel much needed relief for the first time in decades.

Hemp Business Is Big Business

In 2014, Congress passed a Farm Bill that would save them $23 billion over the course of 10 years. The new Farm Bill has projections that would put the savings for congress at $100 billion. American farmers need hemp.

They can grow it using little to no fertilizers or pesticides. Hemp can be used in a wide range of products with medicine making the most. The U.S. has been importing hemp from China for some time. This is money that could be in the pockets of American farmers. Pockets that are in desperate need of some coin.

Hemp business could be big business if the U.S. federal government gets its act together. Should the Farm Bill make it to the President’s desk, American farmers and hemp business owners could see profit from the sea of green that’s growing into a multi-billion-dollar industry.