5 Cannabis Products Every Woman Should Have in Her Stash

Let’s face it ladies, between menstrual cycles, menopause, motherhood, and life, our bodies go through a great deal of things throughout the years. For centuries there have been women that have chosen to utilize all-natural options when it comes to relieving the many ailments that come along with being a woman.

With that in mind, it may come as no surprise that there are many cannabis products on the market today specially formulated with the needs of women in mind. Here are five products every woman should have in her stash!

Cannabis "Tampons" from Foria Relief

While these aren’t actually tampons but rather vaginal suppositories they’re providing many women with significant relief from menstrual cramps and pains. These tampons from Foria Relief are definitely one product that every woman should have in her stash! 

Relax Medical Cannabis THC Herbal Tincture from Whoopi & Maya

This medical tincture from the women specific product line offered by two women in cannabis Whoopi & Maya is a specially formulated blend tailored to relieve not only menstrual cramps but also to help bring a general sense of relaxation to the body. Now this is something every woman needs no matter what time of the month it may be.

Bliss Canna-Based Lubricant

Let’s face it, ladies, lube is incredible! Whether it is self-pleasure or with a partner, using the Bliss luxury cannabis lubricant will elevate not only your body but also your sexual pleasures!

The Compact from the Jane West Collection

The Compact which is a sleek, stylish, and discreet product offered in the collection from Jane West is not just any compact! The Compact is an all in one carrying case for enjoying your herbs complete with everything you need for taking a few tokes wherever you go! 


This fantastic product that every woman should have in her stash is made utilizing lab certified CBD oil, pure therapeutic grade essential oils, Epsom salts, and other natural elements. The CANNABOMB is a perfect way to elevate your bath time, every time with a medicated kick!

These are just 5 of the amazing cannabis products, many of which are made by women in cannabis, that every woman should have in her stash!

What's in your stash?

Let us know if you make or know of a must have cannabis product for women. We might just feature your products in one of our future articles.