Changing How Cannabis Businesses Market and Advertise with Influencers

Marketing for cannabis products and companies is unlike marketing for any other product or industry. Even though cannabis is legal in many places including 30+ states in the United States for medical purposes and 9 states for adult recreational use, you will likely not find flyers for your local dispensary in the newspaper. Nor will you hear cannabis businesses advertising on the radio in most places like businesses in so many other industries do and have done for decades.

Restrictions, Restrictions, Restrictions – Social Media is Not Kind to Cannabis Businesses

When it comes to the digital era of marketing and advertising, the cannabis industry also faces many restrictions that are not placed upon other industries or sectors. This, however, has not, and will not stop the industry from budding more each year or cultivating a strong foundation of marketing genius.

Luckily, just as each cannabis strain is unique, so are the methods being utilized by cannabis brands to market their products to the world. One of those approaches has been the use of social media influencers. This is actually very wise if you think about it. These influencers typically have a large organic social media following that has been gained over the years, not purchased and paid for like some other largely followed accounts. They also are not restricted in the same ways as which businesses or business pages are on social media platforms.

Prohibition Still Getting in the Way Even in Legal States

Many cannabis-related businesses are denied the ability to advertise through Facebook Ads, simply because they have cannabis in their name or a cannabis leaf in their logo. This is due to the federal regulations that social media platforms must adhere to which unfortunately means that they still consider the advertisement of cannabis in legal states as promoting the use or distribution of illegal drugs. This is because the U.S. government still classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 substance despite the progression of legalization across the country at the state level.

Cannabis Social Media Influencers Have an Edge that Businesses Do Not

Although the legalization of cannabis is expanding around the globe, the number of cannabis-related social media pages that have been shut down seems to grow each year. The accounts of social media influencers, however, whom are not selling products but rather endorsing them or simply using them continue to prosper. Here are 10 cannabis-centric social media influencers that you need to be following on Instagram if you are a lover of the green life.

Who is your favorite cannabis social media influencer? We’d love to know who you follow to stay up to date on everything and anything trendy in the cannabis space!