Cannabis In Canada

Cannabis in Canada is finally going to be legal starting on Oct. 17, of 2018.

Not just in a few places but across the entire nation for all adults 18 and up.  The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, promised Canadians that he would legalize cannabis, and he has lived up to that promise.

Justin Trudeau has stated that he believes cannabis legalization in Canada will help the overall health of the country as well as keep money out of the hands of organized crime syndicates. This is something people in countries around the world wish their governments would also pursue.

With cannabis almost legal you might think people would be nothing but happy. This is not the case. While people will tell you it’s nice that cannabis is legal they will also tell you they think how it was done wasn’t to par. Many people believe the Canadian government is setting up big corporations to take over cannabis pushing out the small craft cannabis farms across Canada.

Justin Trudeau was quoted in Time saying, “It is our hope as of October 17 there will be a smooth operation of retail cannabis outlets operated by the provinces with an online mail delivery system operated by the provinces that will ensure that this happens in an orderly fashion.”

By the sounds of things, it looks like Canada will have more than dispensaries, they’ll have mail order cannabis too. Unlike in the US where sending weed in the mail can land you in jail, Canada is going to embrace this system like they have done so already with their medical cannabis program. The sad thing is we all know how reliable the mail is no matter where it is. Late deliveries, lost packages, packages delivered to the wrong addresses, the list of horror stories goes on.

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For medical cannabis patients that rely on cannabis for their quality of life, hiccups like these could spell disaster.  What will cannabis in Canada be like? We’ll find out come October 17th, 2018. The Canadian Cannabis Act will allow adults ages 18 and older to possess up to 30 Grams of cannabis. Adults will also be legally able to cultivate up to 4 mature cannabis plants at home. Where adults can purchase and even consume cannabis however will be left up to the individual provinces.