Canna Tourism is a Hit

Cannabis legalization across the United States is gaining momentum. A decade ago the thought of cannabis tourism was just a daydream.

That's not the case anymore. Cannabis tourism has become a multimillion-dollar industry. You're not limited to just one place either. There are several popular cannabis tourist destinations you can choose to visit right here in the United States.

Colorado is a classic choice for cannabis consumers not only in the United States but from all around the world. Visiting Colorado is the equivalency of going to Amsterdam back in the day. The wide array of pot shops, cannabis tours, and all the sites and things to do in Colorado have made it a favorite cannabis tourism destination.

Washington State is another place cannabis consumers love to go. The forests in Washington and on the Pacific coastline are breathtaking. Enjoying the Olympic National Forest or taking in a sunset on the beach attracts many nature-loving cannabis connoisseurs. It's not just forests and beaches in Washington. You can enjoy everything you would expect from a major city when visiting areas such as Seattle or Spokane. Word has it that the cannabis strain Nine Pound Hammer Is where it’s at.

Oregon is another popular destination for cannabis tourism. The state of Oregon attracts a wide array of individuals from around the world. Eugene Oregon is a unique canna eccentric cultural hub. Some would say that it's consisted of time traveling aliens who stopped to get their weed there. Take a visit and see for yourself. Oregon's not short on naturally beauty either boasting beautiful coastlines like Cannon Beach and breathtaking forests like the Tillamook National Forest.

California has always been a popular tourist destination but even more so now with legal recreational cannabis. From the Pacific Coastal Highway and the beaches abundant in California, too deep in the woods of the Emerald Triangle, California offers a weed like paradise. Some of the best pot on the planet is grown next to the ocean. Maybe its time for you to put your toes in the water and your butt in the sand with a little bit of California’s finest herb in your hand.

Nevada hit the jackpot when they decided to legalize recreational cannabis. Las Vegas Nevada is one of the number one tourist destinations globally attracting millions of people every year. It's estimated that more than 40 plus million people visit Las Vegas annually. Now in the city where everything that happens there stays there, you can walk away with the experience of what cannabis freedom feels like. Nevada legalized recreational cannabis, and it's been a hit!