A Mother’s Day Tribute to Cannabis

From Queen Victoria to Martha Stewart there have been some incredible women throughout history that have shared a love for another female by the name of Mary Jane. 

The Many Mothers of Cannabis

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the female icons that are a part of the culture. 

Queen Victoria: Mother of 9

Queen Victoria, yes that Queen Victoria, has been noted through history as one individual who significantly loved consuming cannabis during that dreadful time of the month to help ease menstrual pain. Queen Victoria was also the mother of 9 and deserves a shoutout in our Mother’s Day tribute!

Pebbles Trippet: Mother of the California Marijuana Movement

Pebbles Trippet is who many consider to be the mother of the marijuana movement in California. For those of you who are not familiar with this miraculous advocate and activist, she played a big role in the passing of Proposition 215 which brought legal medical cannabis to Cali.

Canna-Moms: Mothers of Pediatric Medical Cannabis Refugees

This Mother’s Day we also honor the mothers that have been pulled from their homes and sometimes families to seek refuge with their children in compassionate states where they can seek cannabinoid therapies. Mothers such as Wendy Turner, Melissa Ragsdale, Paula Lyles, and Paige Figi are just a few of the moms that know firsthand the benefits that cannabis can offer because cannabis saved their children’s lives!

Celebrity Cannabis Moms

When it comes to celebrity moms that have a love affair with Mary Jane, the list seems almost endless. Charlize Theron, Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, Alanis Morrissette, Frances McDormand, Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Susan Sarandon, and Martha Stewart are just a few of the moms in Hollywood that enjoy a toke or two whether it’s for the medical benefits or simply because they enjoy it!

So why honor cannabis on Mother’s Day?

This may be a question you are asking yourself, and the answer is quite simple. Even the cannabis we enjoy today is curated in part, thanks to mother plants. Mother’s help to provide clones and solid genetics for future generations. For this, they deserve a shout out not just for Mother’s Day but every day! 

Below you can find a few suggestions on herbal gifts that every mother would love!

Barbari Herbal Blend

The herbal smoking blends from Barbari Shop include a combination of herbs that are great when mixed with cannabis as an herbal spliff for a delicious, lower dose smoking experience. They can also be enjoyed as tea or insence. Blend No1 has rose, lavender, sage, raspberry leaf, and blue lotus while Blend No2 has peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf, and sage. Tip: If you attend the  Viride + High Herstory 420 Prohibition Party or Afterparty you enjoyed a sample of Blend No1.

The Harmony Collection from doTERRA Essential Oils

This collection of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils includes Star Anise, Green Mandarin, and Pink Pepper. These CPTG oils can be used topically, internally, or diffused in your favorite essential oil diffuser. The uplifting and calming effects of these oils are thought to perfectly accompany the mellow happy buzz that every mom deserves.

If your mom likes to make her own cannabis infused treats, perhaps a Magical Butter Machine would be the perfect gift! Learn more about this amazing machine in “The Magical Art of Infusing.”

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