5th Avenue Cannabis Class – Introducing MedMen NYC

MedMen NYC brings the Big Apple its first luxury cannabis dispensary.

Of course, you would expect nothing less from a cannabis dispensary that sits on 5th Avenue. Patients at this dispensary will be greeted with a luxurious shopping experience. With an art like display, a combination of vape cartridges, tinctures, and gel caps are all displayed with the utmost elegance.

5th Avenue Cannabis Class – Introducing MedMen NYC

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Shoppers and patients can use one of the many iPads that are in place to help them locate the information that they're after as well as pick a product or products that are best-suited for their specific needs. This is a great way for new patients to learn more about specific strains and products before making their decision.

Not just anyone can wander into this cannabis dispensary though. To enter the dispensary you must be at least 21 years of age, which will allow you to simply take a tour of the facility. To purchase medicinal cannabis products however, you must be a New York resident with a New York State medical marijuana ID card that verifies you're part of the program. In the not-too-distant future MedMen 5th Avenue is looking to carry products centered around lifestyle and beauty such as cannabis topicals, creams, lotions, and salves as well as products for your pets.

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A cannabis dispensary that sits on 5th Avenue, who would have imagined that?

MedMen 5th Avenue medical cannabis dispensary is a welcoming sign of the times. Flocks of tourists, businessmen and women, and other passerbys have already been seen taking a peek from the streets to see what MedMen 5th Avenue is all about.

As New Yorkers patiently wait to see if recreational cannabis will also soon be legal, many people are wondering if it’s possible that one day anyone over the age of 21 may be able to walk into this fine establishment and purchase products made with this miraculous plant from mother earth. Only time will tell, but what is sure is that qualifying patients can now purchase their cannabis meds on 5th Avenue!