Elevated Job Growth from Cannabis

The legal cannabis sector has been growing substantially over the last decade. Today it includes countries such as Spain, Mexico, Canada, and over half of the United States to name a few. Cannabis legalization is offering many benefits to the world. It's offering a chance to learn how to utilize a sustainable resource. It's offering so many people around the world an opportunity to obtain future generational wealth.

Cannabis is doing this by creating much-needed jobs. The cannabis sector employs people from every walk of life.

All too often people think about cannabis jobs, and they think only of growing and selling it. Not everybody is a cultivator or a budtender. The ancillary services that cater to the cannabis sector are vast. They range from restaurants, bars, and local entertainment, to engineers, legal advisors, CPAs, architects, lawyers, writers, and many others.

A 20 Billion Dollar Market Can’t be Ignored

Predictions are putting the cannabis sector to be worth an estimated twenty billion dollars alone in the US by 2020 which shows you the massive amount of work being done on the back end. This work isn't being done for free. It's being done by paid professionals.

LinkedIn used to be a place where the mention of cannabis was scarce. These days you can connect with thousands of like-minded business orientated individuals that are accomplishing great tasks across the cannabis sector globally.

Cannabis ancillary services have created a new job market that is employing an impressive amount of people. According to Marijuana Business Daily, in 2017, the legal cannabis industry employed more between 90,000 and 110,000 individuals in the United States. In 2018 however, that number increased to around 125,000-160,0000.

To put that into perspective, the cannabis industry employees more people than there are detectives, librarians, and pilots across the country. This is also double the number of individuals employed by the coal industry.

If cannabis were legalized nationwide in the United States, it is estimated that number could exceed 1,000,000 jobs created by the cannabis sector. When you look at this in combination with the billions of tax dollars that could be seen from legal cannabis sales, it seems that cannabis legalization could be the greatest move ever for the economy, if only the federal government would agree.