Understanding Cannabis Labeling

One of the most significant benefits to cannabis legalization aside from people not being incarcerated for a plant is products on a legally regulated market have extensive labeling.

In most cases the information on this labelling will tell consumers and patients a lot about the contents of what they will be purchasing and consuming.

The Labeling Shakedown

Here are some of the most common aspects that you will find on cannabis packaging and labeling.


Unless the brand's marketing and advertising team isn't doing their job, every cannabis package should also have labeling regarding the product itself including the brand or at minimum the dispensary in which it came from.

Strain Information

Most cannabis products will also contain labeling in reference to the strain or strains contained within. This is vital information for those looking to target issues with strains they know work for their ailments.

Cannabinoid Testing

On all cannabis packaging there should always be a clear label stating the concentration of the THC content and in most cases the CBD content as well. This tells you the potency of the product. In some cases, you will also see information regarding other phytocannabinoids.

Business Related Information

One of the regulations surrounding legal cannabis markets is the requirement that everything must be tracked from seed to sale. For this reason, on almost all cannabis packaging, you will find labeling that is associated with this tracking. This will typically include information such as the batch numbers, MIP license numbers, cultivation tag numbers, and other tracking as well as regulatory information.


It is also very common to see warning labels such as the ones that are meant to deter children from consuming cannabis Edibles. These are typically very obvious, and we'll say THC and in most cases is in a vivid color.

Packaging and Expiration Dates

Cannabis products almost always include information regarding the date they were packaged as well as the date that they expire and should be consumed by. It is important to pay attention to this information when purchasing cannabis products.

Net Weight

Last but not least, all cannabis products should provide you with a net weight. This allows consumers to know how much of a product they are purchasing.

These are some of the most common labeling aspects that you can expect to see when you purchase cannabis products in a legalized medical or recreational market.