Lit Lounges Coming to West Hollywood

Cannabis legalization is happening around the world. While it may be happening in one country and one state at a time, it is happening. One city in a state that has already legalized both medical and recreational cannabis is taking it a step further.

West Hollywood has approved 16 licenses for businesses that will allow for on-site cannabis consumption.

Many of the companies that will allow for cannabis consumption on site will be located on Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd.

What This Means

The 6 licenses that were granted were appointed to restaurants, delivery businesses, smoking lounges, stores, and medical cannabis dispensaries that will allow for cannabis connoisseurs to partake in a toke or otherwise consume cannabis at their business location. While this has many individuals throughout the cannabis community ecstatic, there is some static from others with worries about intoxicated consumers after leaving these entities. What many people do not realize is that many individuals can function perfectly after consuming cannabis, unlike alcohol which can dampen your judgment your ability to perceive distances while driving and many other senses.

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Restaurants and Tourism to Get Major Infusion

When it comes to restaurants that will allow for cannabis consumption on-site many will offer the ability to infuse CBD or THC into their menu offerings. This is a monumental win in the movement to normalize cannabis globally. Even though many states have chosen to legalize cannabis many of them have stringent regulations when it comes to where cannabis can be consumed. Seeing how many states only allow for cannabis consumption on private property this puts a big damper on the potential that cannabis legalization can offer for tourism to different areas. This move by West Hollywood stands to increase tourism to the city drastically. This is just another one of the benefits that cannabis legalization can offer when done right.