420 Parties: A Round-Up of Places to Partake and Celebrate

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air, and so is the smoke. This week, we are looking at the best places to party on the "Stoner’s Holiday" better known as 4/20.

This year, it falls on a Friday and many recreational legal states are making an entire weekend of cannabis centered events. Without further ado, let’s see what’s going down in major rec legal cities across the US!

420 Viride

Colorado: This state tops the list for numerous reasons. One being yours truly hails from Colorful Colorado. The second is stoner icon (and let’s not forget activist) Snoop Dogg is going to grace Coloradoans with his presence at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater. Having seen him in concert, I can attest to the fact that Snoop puts on a stellar show. While the rap icon does take smoke breaks and puffs on stage, if you get to the show, keep in mind staffers aren’t fans of cannabis despite it being legal in Colorado. People have been escorted out of the venue for consuming on the premises, so discretion is key to having a good time and being able to enjoy the whole show. Tickets start at $54.00 and are still available for purchase on Vivid and Fiddler’s sites.

Another great concert to consider is 420 Eve on the Rocks featuring Redman and Method Man. While they aren’t quite the posterchildren for pot like Snoop, they put on an amazing show. Red Rocks is one of the best amphitheaters to catch a live performance.

Finally, we can’t forget to mention the best cannabis party in Denver. Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to City Park to celebrate cannabis. Even before Colorado legalized recreational adult use, the Mile High 420 Celebration has been lit. If you plan on coming to the Mile-High City to celebrate and spent too much on airfare and hotel to see Snoop or Redman you can rest easy because the event at City Park is completely free. I do advise taking an Uber or Lyft because parking in Denver in general is a nightmare. When thousands of cannabis consumers flock to the city capitol, it’s downright impossible. An added bonus not having to worry about illegally consuming and driving.

California: The newest state to pass recreational use has tons of awesome events planned as well. There are so many events in Cali that we can’t fit them into this single article, so we are going to highlight a few.

Bayked by the Bay will feature Wycleaf Jean at Embarcadero Marina Park in San Diego. The party will provide celebrants with plenty of vendors to purchase from, food, drink and other festivities. Several of California’s leading cannabis brands will be in attendance raising money for the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. This is a multi-purpose event. Consumers get to see fantastic live music, hear presentations from top-notch cannabis companies, eat food from twelve of San Diego’s best restaurants and support a great cause. Event organizers make it a point to remind those who visit that while cannabis is legal, consuming in public is not and that this rule will be strictly enforced.

San Francisco will host their First Annual Cannabis Festival at Mission Delores Park. This celebration looks to be pretty chill. Participants can check out stoner yoga, discussion groups, a cannabis edibles bar and the Stoned Olympics. This event will give joint rollers the opportunity to show off their mad rolling skills and will also include a bong relay race.

Dead on the Hilltop is celebrating its twentieth year, but 2018 is particularly special because it is the first-time participants can praise the plant legally. This is a weekend-long event and price of admission is cheap. Forty-nine bucks buys a weekend pass and a camping spot. Event organizers liken the cannabis celebration to a “mini Burning Man”. It is forty-eight hours of concerts dedicated to legal cannabis consumption.

Nevada: Like California, Nevada very recently legalized recreational cannabis and official sales began on July 1st, 2017. As if the Silver State didn’t already offer tons of fun with gambling, legal outdoor consumption of alcohol, fabulous lakes and a mob museum, their list of 420 celebrations is off the hook.

Las Vegas will host the infamous Ice Cube as the headliner for its 420 Roll Up. Other performers include Bone Thugs N Harmony and Cypress Hill. There will be a pre-party car show and what will surely be a fabulous after-party.

Another party to check out is the two-day event hosted by NuWu. It starts on 420 at 4:20 and boasts a plethora of cannabis themed events. There will be food trucks, cannabis vendors, art, live performances, meet and greets wicked fun games and free swag. Those are just what’s listed on the website and the company known as the world’s largest dispensary promises much, much more.

Washington: Along with the other states we’ve mentioned so far, Washington has some wonderful things lined up for their 420 celebrations.

Seattle will host the 420 Fest at the Culture Yard. This is an exclusive party to those who are members of Hempfest. Don’t get discouraged, though. Memberships start at only fifteen bucks and being a member has some serious perks including invites to cannabis themed parties year-round. The 420 festival features live music, pizza and sweet treats.

Other events include Wiz Khalifa, the comedy of Jay and Silent Bob, and the cover band Infected Mushroom.

Massachusetts: Cannabis was legalized in this state last year, but lawmakers still struggle to press forward and open rec legal dispensaries. The dates keep getting moved back and it looks like residents of the Bay State might be able to make their first legal purchases summer of 2018. Legalities don’t have the cannabis community holding off on hosting a wide variety of events, however. For a state that still has issues, there are plenty of parties for cannabis consumers to check out.

Canna Bros presents their first annual Ganja Galla. Prices range from ten to seventy-five dollars. Ten bucks at the door gets party-goers entry into the event. The next level includes the band pass and the top echelon ticket is for the entire Ganja Galla event. The gala will include an art expo, VIP cocktails and appetizers by Canna Bros catering and musical performances.

The Boston Cannabis Company will host their first annual 420 Cannapalooza in Somerville. There will be live music, tons of vendors, art, food and drink. Pre-sale is closed, but tickets at the door only cost twenty to twenty-five bucks.

Other events include a 420 Puff and Paint, cannabis benefit dinner, and Rebel Alliance at the Cannery.

I’ve heard that some states who’ve not yet joined the cannabis revolution will also host special 420 prohibition events. Keep an ear out for blazing events near you and remember to keep pressing your local political representatives toward legalization. It’s not entirely about getting stoned. Cannabis can promote good health and healing too!