420: The Cannabis Enthusiast’s Day and a NYC Prohibition Party to Celebrate

The highstory behind the day has been the topic of great debate for quite some time. Many people believe that 420 is police code for the plant and consumers while others might cite the Bob Dylan song Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 because the two numbers multiplied equals 420. After all this time, we’ve finally discovered the origin.

Back in the 70’s, a group of Californian high school students would meet at 4:20 to partake in the plant. The time was significant because most after-school activities had already concluded leaving the campus mostly abandoned.

It may not be the most poetic, but it is simple and sweet.

High Herstory

To date, several states have legalized recreational marijuana. On 420 cannabis enthusiasts in those rec legal states will be able to celebrate the plant openly, without fear of legal action. That’s great, but what about the other forty-one states? Don’t worry. We have some great news for those of you living in pot unfriendly areas. Consumers and advocates in the states lagging on legalization are putting together some incredible prohibition parties. It’s a wonderful way to get together with like-minded people to enjoy cannabis and cannabis infused food and alcohol.

This year, one such party is co-hosted by Viride. The cannabis publication has partnered with High Herstory to entertain in New York City.

The gathering is to celebrate the efforts and victories in legalization and future growth in the industry. In addition to the festivities, there will be tons of opportunity for networking. Participants will get to mingle with industry leaders while snacking on savory treats. Budding businesses can meet industry investors and can get eyes on their accessories. It’s a party and a place to promote your product. And a raffle of luxury products, including Pax, Cannador, and Shine Papers, to name a few. The full deets on this wicked soiree can be acquired by contacting sarah@viridelife.com.

About High Herstory: The brilliant women behind this venture have found an entertaining way to teach the masses about women in history. If you are familiar with the television show Drunk History, this is similar in that narrators discuss important people in history. It’s entirely different in that they are stoned and talking about trailblazing women who’d paved the way for feminism and women’s rights today. Those of you lucky enough to get into the 420 festivities co-hosted by High Herstory will get to view the pilot premiere of their highly anticipated podcast (potcast) and goodies will be supplied by The Happy Chef.

About Viride: The online publication is a fabulous resource for consumers in every stage. From beginner to connoisseur, enthusiasts can find articles and reviews on a variety of topics and products. Viride aims to help shatter the glass ceiling and bring women to the forefront of the cannabis scene by putting female cannabis entrepreneurs in the spotlight through interviews and collaborations. The eclectic group of contributors consist of a wide range of professionals from scientists and botanists to content geniuses and music aficionados. Viride is the cannabis consumers one-stop shop to deeper knowledge and premium products.